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Unearth My Barren Screen

Updated on July 18, 2014

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I'm staring at my screen
Stariing at the paper
Nothing on the lines
Nothing in between

Move my hand for the heart of me
From the part of me
Where I'm looking deep inside
Looking for all the things I hide

Where I look
Always has something for me to see
Always takes up a part of me
A part of me that will always bleed

I grab onto a thought
A thought that has been long lost
Long lost in the ocean hopes
Hopes and dreams I'll never see

From that part of me
I see the story of you and me
You and me will never be
Never abled to be happy

I forget the song and time
All the times and all the rhymes
The poetry that made me
The memories that broke me

In the worst of times
The times I needed you in my life
My life has barely stayed the same
Now with no one else to blame

Let me take a look
Take a look down memory lane
See the world on a different frame
Frame me and I know you wont understand

The possibilities in me
Possibly only what God can see
You see nothing else good in me
A hypocrite who can offer nothing

I wanted to call you, call my dad
Call out to all of the things tht I never had
When you were gone and you came back
Failed to try to try to understand

What it's like to be
Be on the inside of me
Crawl out my skin from everything
Wave goodbye to every dream

Here I lay another time
Writing another story of my life
Forgetting my reality
Giving you the best of me

In rhyme dare I speak
Speak a little more before I get too weak
Explain what I see every time
Every time I stare at my screen before I write

©2014 by Brandon Martin


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