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Uneasy And Restless

Updated on July 16, 2014

Been There Done That

Here we go again

The same cycle repeating itself

Nothings changed

Tempers flair

Moments of frustration filled with rage

There is no turning back

Awful words

Hurtful words

Leaving scars that run deep

No time to heal

Fresh as a sunburn burning at my flesh

Reasons beyond my understanding and comprehension

All we get is more tension

I use to pretend it wouldn't happen again

A fool to think the best can find it's way through the dark

Cast aside the hidden pressures

Look to enjoy what you have before you

All my efforts go on deaf ears

Contrary to what I believe

Trouble finds it's way to sneak in

Not like a robber that sneaks through the back door

This one knocks then rings the bell

In broad daylight no less

Fear once again has buried itself so deep

Leaving little trace

Sadness withdraws

Once in a happy mood now dampened slowly

Then aggressively with a pouring rain

Soon all good thoughts are pushed away

Where do we go from here

Torch our feelings

Because they only cause more pain

Little time to comprehend

Our busy schedule keeps us on the run

An attitude adjustment definitely needed

A major overhaul is more like it

Scrap what brought us here

Each issue is compounded

Banged deep with a powerful sledge hammer

That does it's job

Now wedged in the ground tight

There is no chance to change what had transpired

Only I can't stop looking to find a way

Listening and learning

So it doesn't happen again

Later today, Tomorrow or anytime in the future


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