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Unexpected 2

Updated on May 9, 2017

During the week Jeremiah couldn't wait for Saturday to come as meeting this girl brought excitement upon him. She seemed so interesting but hidden. However when the last class of the week had finished, look who he had managed to bounce into.

" O my god!, so i finally get to see you at school"
"Ha ha ha how was your day?'
"Um, lets go into David's cafe and we'll talk more"
"Uh okay if you wish".A questioning look crept up Jeremiah's face.

At the cafe both of them sat at a rounded table facing the each other. The cafe was dimly lit even for a Friday afternoon and smelt of burnt coffee grounds and grilled cheese sandwiches. Jeremiah and Rebecca discussed their individual week and found some interesting stuff as well: Jeremiah expressed his love for swimming and guitar playing while Rebecca said her love was for photography and poetry writing. However it was Rebecca's turn to start a new conversation.

"So....where are we going to meet tomorrow?
"You know, i was just going to ask that same question since i think it would be better to meet somewhere then walk to the beach. Do you know Sally's bookshop at the corner of Fitz and Gereal street?"
"The one with the security guard who looks like Rick Ross"
Shocked, Jeremiah said "You know Rick Ross... i mean you"
"A woman". Rebecca replied. "But that does not mean i cant know the big boys in the business".
"You have a point there. Meet me there for 10 tomorrow okay."
"Alrighty then i will".A smile played at Rebecca's face.
"Look i go to go, laundry to do and other tomorrow then".

Before Jeremiah could get up, Rebecca asked for his cell number just in case something came up and she cant make it. Numbers swapped, Jeremiah left. From the back, Jeremiah looked really athletic,broad shoulders, muscles printed out, small waist all tied up in an orange TN shirt and slight blue jeans. There was a smile that played at Rebecca's face. Tomorrow is going to interesting, she thought while watching the guy leave over a cup of sweet coffee.


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