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Unexpected Meeting chapter 3

Updated on May 9, 2017

5 to ten that Saturday morning Jeremiah was waiting at Sally's bookshop. Hand in jeans he decided to call Rebecca to see if she's coming to meet him. Rebecca said she would be 10 minutes late but reassured him that she would come. After hanging up Jeremiah plugged in his headphones and listen to some Chris brown since he didn't want to look awkward on the street corner. As the minutes pass his Iphone lit up.....Rebecca. Answering it Rebecca said she's coming and if he sees her. Jeremiah quickly scanned the bock until he saw a brown figure coming toward him. When Rebecca was before him, she was more beautiful up close. Caramel mocha skin smooth to the eyes, full lips glossed, dark brown eyes, thick brows not the mention the her way of dress was on point in Jeremiah's mind. Very green khakis shorts and a white tee with WORLD BOSS printed in black all said she was the adventurous type. Her hair was up in one and she wore a hippie chain around her neck and a pair of white pallet man shoes. Apparently he look at her to long as she was waving her hand in his face. He snapped out of it and apologized. Then he said if she was ready to go, to which Rebecca just walk off heading in the direction of the beach. At this point Jeremiah was wondering if she took it to heart. Walking they passed various shops mostly clothing with few eat in restaurants. All this time both neither said a word which was becoming weird by the minute so Jeremiah was the first to speak.

"This is a nice walk ent."

Laughs...."That's the best you could do......"

"Aye you was quiet and yuh cant blame a brother from trying". Jeremiah shrugged his shoulders.

"True.....anyways the walk is fine but this weather is so hot i think i might turn blacker" said Rebecca while shielding her eyes with a slender hand.

Jeremiah abruptly stopped and had funny look on his face. Rebecca stopped also and turn to face him. "Why did you stop?".

"The thought that you could turn any blacker." Rebecca glared at him."i i mean....your skin is beautiful and i don't think a little sun would change that."

Rebecca continued walking and Jeremiah jumped into step with her. In about half an hour later they had reached the car park by the beach, crowds of people were on the shore, some playing football while others played beach cricket. The weather was perfect, sun, sea and sand. Girls in their two piece or a whole one were in water while some just walked up and down the beach looking to catch the eye of a few boys who were huddled around a fallen coconut tree log. Jeremiah laughed in his mind at this obvious show. They walked, passed the crowds and sales people that were hoping to get a quick sale.

Over tree branches Jeremiah offered help Rebecca over them but each time she declined. To stubborn Jeremiah thought. On they continued while talking. Rebecca however talked so much that she had to breathe deeply just to get the words out and had to take second glances at Jeremiah. She thought damn he was a sexy man..all his abs printed out in his jersey and looked boyish in his Capri wonder women were giving her jealous looks. That warm smile that he gave was inviting but she shook the idea of being together with him since he might not want her or even interested and she had liked somebody else. All the while he was watching her, the goofy look on her face made him at peace. He realized he was beginning to like her. She was interesting but he decided not to be bold about now maybe later when she got to know the real him. Jeremiah had to grabbed Rebecca because she unknowingly was drifting into the waters edge in her pallet man shoes.
With the sun setting, they made their way to the place where they first met though this time Rebecca had her shoes in her hands. Sitting on a boulder each of them both looked out toward the sea and Jeremiah said that today was a good day, the walk and all and the beach. Each continued where they left off telling why they decided to go to USC

It's close to home and they are offering the degree that i want to get: Chemical engineering with a minor in music. Basically i wanted to work in oil industry and make big bucks for it while providing for my mom and i."

"Is your dad dead?".Rebecca looking of into the distance. "Because mine is like that since he don't visit. Mom and dad got a divorce and he seems to stop care about me."

"Now don't say that...could be..."

"Could be what..look i know him, he just does not care. All married and a new bunch of snotty kids so things are all a-okay for him."

"Suddenly i remember we were talking about why we go to USC and not family issues?". His eyes met hers in a joking way.

"Sorry sorry...i ..i got all worked up. Now i have spoil your evening but what sign are you if you don't mind."

"No I don't mind but sign?. Like horoscope. Aries and let me guess your a Scorpio right?

Wide eyed Rebecca faced him thinking how could he be right."Yes how did you know?. Are you the great Houdini". Laughter erupted from her and Jeremiah could not help but laugh. In all his life people asked if he was a physic but never the famous magician Houdini. Then he clasped his slightly calloused hands together and held them behind his head and extend his legs and gave a yawn. Rebecca had now realized that he had very hairy legs with a little scar below the knee. She also took in how clean was his feet especially toes since most men look good all over except the toes which is a huge turnoff for her.

" I went to USC because it was the first school i got accepted in and the rest i couldn't see my self moving away to. I thought of traveling but when i really thought it seemed frighting"

"Yeah living alone, by yourself in another town and leaving your family and friends."


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