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Unexpected Meeting chapter 4

Updated on March 12, 2014

Midweeks became the time when Jeremiah and Rebecca saw each other. This was mainly around campus. These sightings made Jeremiah fill with glee and he got to see her fun side clothes wise and how she reacted to the people around her. He noticed that Rebecca modified herself to a particular group: the sport jocks and cheerleaders. This made him wonder why as it looked like she wanted to fit in. When she was laughing with them, it seemed pained and forced. Maybe the joke was stale, he thought. Then he left cause he didn't want Rebecca to see he was watching her.

Next day Jeremiah was by the cafeteria and saw Rebecca so naturally he walked up to her.

"Hello Rebecca". He said positioning himself in front of her.
"Hi there, um hey......I was meaning to ask you, would you like to come to poetry night?"
"Poetry??". "Like this week"
"Yes but it's Friday night at seven in my mom's cafe."
"Okay i guess I could come but what do i not good at poems."
"Your guitar will do fine". Face still unmoved but smiling."
"Guitar you say eh".Jeremiah brows knitted. "But i was going to ask who are those people you are liming with?"
"Who people you mean J, the footballers". Jeremiah nodded. "Well i like them, they cool". The last word she hesitated saying.
"You sure, because it looked like it pained you to be around them."
"Alright Sherlock!". "So you were watching me weren't you". Jeremiah blushed.
"I just happened to see you that's all".Jeremiah was covering his embarrassment. "I will call later, bye".
"Bye J."

Friday night, Jeremiah made sure he dressed good to please her and remembered to wear deodorant. He even marked his head. As he walked down the steaming pavement in the evening glow, he saw the sign "Maria's Cafe'. Pushing the door open, he passed a couple heading out smelling of apple pie. As soon as he turned the corner there she was, all in black. Black velvet top and a pair of tight jeans. She had her hair in a blow out and wore her red spec glasses. She had now begun to say her poem on the mini stage when she saw him. Rebecca mouthed hi and waved. Reaching for a seat up front, he sat down and she begun. He was mesmerized by her intellect of how the Black community are still with a slave mentality. There was truth to what she was saying :

"Slavery still permits in out minds which dominates our attitudes.
The chantings of light skin or dark skin is a curse which still lingers in us.
When would people realize that like yesterday both were abuse and raped at the hands of slave masters.
We are one color Black- let it unite us.
Blacks still have this ignorance that straight hair is better than God's own making of cauliflower hair.
Don't be deceived, straight hair is good and so is our natural naps. Love it, embrace it but first love what God gave you........."

After the gracious applause Rebecca made an announcement that Jeremiah will come to the stage to sing a song. Jeremiah's belly dropped, disappear and his mouth hung open. Rebecca winked and he went to the stage, guitar in hand.


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