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Unfinished Bliss (Turning A Dream into Poetry)

Updated on November 30, 2015

Unfinished Bliss

Everything was ready. The place of union all prepped up to suit her lovely smile.
Flowers were everywhere as she has always desired; colors of memories, the fragrance of love!

Tiny feet running around with glee! Though not fully understanding, they can feel the joy just by what they see!
Important figures in her life also gave their presence.
Oh her jubilation no longer fits in a sentence!


Then finally, she comes in all dressed in white! A simple embrace of white cloth together with a blooming crown which she always sought.
The surprise was that it was her older sister that put it all together including her delicate flowing hair.

And as the bride was walking on the aisle,
a lightning struck her with fear making her lose her smile.
The occasion for love has forgotten her very heart,
Blurred the vision of that day's work of art.

So she stopped and trembled, her eyes calling out her mom,
"My daughter, what's wrong?"

"Mother, I no longer hear the song! It ceased to carry on! How did I miss this unfinished bliss ?"

"Oh darling, go on! Pick a man from the crowd tonight, put back your sight and dread not your prince's flight!"

But the Bride ran away! Cursing the pain that broke her on her wedding day.
Passing by different faces, she cried out, "help!"---"how can this be? Where is You?! All I see is Me!
Loneliness made her its prey
But a soothing melody was singing, "today isn't just the day."

Dressed in white,
Eyes filled with tears,
Just like her groom, the bride wanted to disappear.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Your poem illustrates your topic perfectly. Bliss, though unfinished remains bliss; just turn it into poetry like you did. Lovely!