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Unfulfilled Desire

Updated on December 31, 2015


You and I

Walking through the garden bay

Trying to reach the missing soul

You told to me make my own way

Leaving the crowd for a shining goal

Chanting birds and blooming flowers

Filled my heart with hope for love

Soothing greens and moving hours

Insisting me to grab my dove

Divine figure on the cloud screen

Passion and love all I pray

Other side grass is always green

Reaching you still is far away

Tempting weather has no worth

You are not here to hold my hand

Must be a reason for my birth

Left alone to struggle in this land

Abiding your faith all I know

Desires hold to wait in grave

Staying quite will help me grow

That special feel makes me brave

Hope you will wait and stay

Let me finish my night and day

Will glow together like a ray

Happy ever after will be the pray


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