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Uninspired for writing!

Updated on September 5, 2012

Bored to write :(

Bored, uninspired and dispassionate. This is what defines my writing lately! I have become lazy to write. I have become dull to think about some nice concept to write about. Does this happen to all my fellow writers here? Frankly, writing about something is getting so difficult lately. Life is moving on. Things are changing. But I never meant to change my hobbies and interests. Writing was fun to me. No more. I can’t figure out the reason for this though. When I was a kid, I enjoyed writing on my favorite notepad. Now I’ve electronic mediums, blogs and awesome gadgets to fetch me all the writing skills. But indeed, technology can’t fetch me the desire to write. I still prefer my notepad…cute, little, my own…I wouldn’t want anybody to read it.

Why in life at times we become so less interested in doing the things we love to do so much. Where does the inspiration go? I was obsessed with writing articles when I joined HP. Now I’ve disappeared…well almost! Being online, sharing the articles, reading other’s ideas etc. All this has made me realize something very genuine. All this limits the extent to which we can pour our heart out and write about something very near to us. We really can’t! We can’t write and share the real deal here, the stuff we would have comfortably written in our personal notepads and diaries. The words would have emerged straight from our attitude and careless about being judged. Nevertheless, technology has taken away more than what it has given to us. All that we have is an open saga of internet and networks which proves fruitless to capture the real essence of talents.

But I don’t want that to happen. HP is a secret teacher, friend and a mentor in disguise. We wouldn’t realize just by writing articles could be gaining immense knowledge and interests while reading out other awesome articles. Realizing this, I’ve thought of giving it a kick again! My awesome friends out here…m sure y'all are listening!


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