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Updated on March 5, 2017


I was wondering, what happens after we die,
Looking at the star filled sky,
I thought of all the other people sly,
What do they gain when other's cry,

Thinking about, the depth of ocean, vastness of sky,
I wonder where does one person stand, where his importance lie,
The world is filled with many people shy,
And also with those, for everything who say "my, my!",

In the abundance of people, then there are some,
I wonder from where their inflated sense of importance come?
In the universe where even stars are but a speck,
They feel they are above all, what the heck?

I wonder if someone, them hard enough shook,
They would realise, the bigger things they unlock,
So let's stop wars and cherish every moment we breathe,
Let's distribute flowers and our swords sheathe,

Your inflated sense of importance, let it go,
And for once to your ego, just say no,
For once don't be governed by your greed,
Cultivate love and don't let hatred breed,

For once we are one, like beads of a necklace,
In unity like swaying blades of grass, we will follow their grace,
Once that is achieved, even without the high of whiskey or rum,
You will be able to hear it, hear the universe Humm....


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