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Unknown territory

Updated on November 11, 2015

Tension bites.

when I wake up,I wonder if it's real

do i attack the day with vigour and zeal

do I give in to the way I feel

do i relent and accept,and seal the deal.

if I take a chance,what is the outcome

anger for others,happiness for some.

emotions up, regrets keep moving

waiting on rest,the feeling of soothing.

head messed up,stomach churning

heart racing fast,indigestion burning.

encapsulating dread,gut churning fears

guaranteed to reduce, me to tears.

if the occasion came past,im sure I'd last

if it chapped my door,be deep in my core.

boaster of life,regretted my actions

splitting up friends,different factions.

snowballs out of control,no matter how you tried

everyone upset,lots of friends cried.

only time and compassion can heal

test of the man,ends up being real.

We all lose it.

when we lose our temper

when we are out of control

you jump on the machine

the rage and anger roll.

blacking out,enraged and stressed

screaming at family,its part of the test.

do your best,try to calm down

replace the smile with a frown.

No control.

Losing the plot.

losing the rag with people it's an all too common human emotion.I've lost it probably three or four times in my life,as in losing the plot and changing reality for a's a horrible emotion that totally strips you of any common sense ,dignity and hurt the ones you love more often with words than anything soon as the nasty words leave your mouth you immediately realise what you've done.that's when you wish you could turn back time and never have uttered the words.


Madness in reality.

scream,shout,crash some plates

shooting emotions over the gate

abuse,control,belt out the horrors

each embarrassed,no one gets honours.

left emotionally drained,fuming and irrate

that's when you know ,you lost a good mate.

you test,you push,you crash ,you scream

happiness is an even further away dream.

Some interesting facts.

1) Ancient Doctors believed certain organs in the body controlled areas of anger and emotion.

2) In the English language there are more than 400 words describing emotion and sentiment.

3) The word “emotion” is from the Latin emovere, “to move out, remove.

4) Some researchers fear that technology, especially social networking, is creating emotional disconnection rather than forming a connection In life.

Who you are.

emotions and anger are not always a bad thing.sometimes if your over the top with certain types of anger,it shows you have compassion,or you are passionate about something you love or adore.its not always doom and gloom when categorising what your anger signifies.repressing emotions proves more often than not to be a bad thing.people build up emotional baggage over years that spills out one day in to chaos.


Emotional explosion.

when anger lifts,can cause you to have a stroke

that's when you know it's no longer a joke.

life changes in a heart beat,

well being compromised

you have to weigh up options,

life needs to be resized.

change all your habits,get rid of the bad

smoking and drinking goes,

makes you a bit sad.

if you want to survive ,and life a healthier life

need to calm down,get rid of the strife.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks again , Ericdierker.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Great advice in a delightful way. Thank you