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Unknown Boy

Updated on April 9, 2013


Your thoughts concealed inside

You act one way towards me when we are alone

Differently in front of others

Except your gaze

A gaze that pierces through me

Makes me feel warm

The slightest of physical touches

Skin to skin

Warmth and tangle

Last summer

That night

We were wrapped within each other

Fiery and passionate

Murmured words of pleasure

Confessions of love

I hate it and love it

Having the memory of that night

Seeing you with her now

But you also see me with him

Yet that gaze still continues

Your voice saying my name

Bringing tingles down my spine

Warmth to my body

My heart

My soul

But you continue the charade

And i'll move on

But I will wait for the day you can finally admit it.


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