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Unpretty: A Poem

Updated on April 27, 2012

Turn back the hands of time

And just try to rewind

All these feelings of loss and regret

And the feelings of self hatred

I’m sick of being the way I am

I’m tired of being angry

Waking up every day

And feeling this way

Is just taking its toll on me

I just wish I was something different

Than all that I see

Each and every time

I take a look in the mirror

And see the reflection of

The person I’m not proud to be

I can’t stand this feeling of remorse

The constant sting of self pity

I just wish I could be as pretty

As the person that I used to be

I miss the times when I was happy

With no regrets or worries

Only smiles and good times

Filled with laughter

And hardly any sorrow

I miss the old me

That saw only beauty

And pride of who I am

The person who never gave a damn

Of what others thought of who she was

And was happy with what she saw in the mirror reflected

But that girl is gone now

Lost so long ago

In the sea of what others see as beauty

Now I just stop to think

Of how to get back what I miss most

My naïve perceptions of the world

And my outer beauty that matched within

But I guess in the end

I was never really pretty….

©Bethany Vine



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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Emotions have a lot of power. Negative emotions can cripple us. Positive emotions can make us soar to our highest levels. You are in the driver seat. Until you realize you make all your emotions good or bad. Moving poem with many heart breaking feelings and thoughts. I love your use of words.

    • BethanyLynn211 profile image

      BethanyLynn211 5 years ago from Bangor, Pa

      Thank you duffsmom. I am sad that you feel this way but I am happy my words could articulate what you feel.

    • duffsmom profile image

      P. Thorpe Christiansen 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      Well Bethany this poem is like you stepped inside my head to see how I feel. Well done, very moving, sad, touching and so terribly true--for me anyway.