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Unquenchable Thirst: Coping

Updated on July 29, 2011

Chapter 3

I raised my head up from the ground, glaring at the being called Lilith. She had changed me into something different. Granted, I had taken revenge on the human who brought me to this wretched existence, but it had left me with this hunger, this affliction, this disease. Smiling, she looked at me, evil reflecting in her eyes, and laughter in the corner of her lips.

“Ah, thinking of killing me as well? You should know you cannot so much as attack me unless I let you.” Looking at the ground, her voice lowered, becoming husky, muted, and sultry. “I have not much time left in this realm, until another makes such a bargain and I am allowed entrance; however, I shall be able to communicate with you, and you will do my bidding in this plane of existence.”

Looking up, hate in my eyes, I snarled out, “No, I will never do as you say, never obey you”.

Pain wracked my limbs as her voice and body faded from reality, “But you will, oh you will” she replied.

I lay there in agony, trying to think what had happened to me, what I needed to do, where did I go from here? Obviously I was changed; I could no longer be seen in daylight. I was stronger, faster, and more powerful then any person alive, and apparently I needed blood to survive. This meant, I would have to kill. I admit the feeling of killing and attacking was exciting. Knowing they were unable to resist me, knowing they couldn’t hurt me, nor could they run fast enough, or far enough to get away from me.

I looked out of the cave, and saw night approaching, and the hunger in me was awakening, needing more and more blood to sustain. So, I would return to the city, and all in the temple would perish tonight.

I sat patiently, watching the sun set in the distance, tension filling my body, my muscles ready to begin the journey back to town. As the last rays of sun disappeared, I sprinted from the cave, moving at a blistering pace back to the city. In mere minutes I was in the shadows of the great wall, my senses allowing me to hear everything smell everything. I smelled gold, lots of gold and reasoned that was the direction to go, those in the temple would have the most gold in town, having stolen it from the populace in attempt to control through fear. I would show them fear; they would know the meaning of the word fear. I would kill them all before the sun rose.

Leaping lightly to the top of the wall, I crouched in the shadows, reining in my hunger, refusing to be deterred by all the fresh game around me. Sprinting across the wall, I leapt to the top of the temple, ripping part of the roof off, I dropped down into the living quarters of the priest. Screams rose from their voices as I did, but my attacks were fast and smooth. In seconds they all lay dead at my feet, and my feasting could begin!

A noise from the corner caught my attention, and I turned, lips turned into a snarl, fangs bared, my hands poised to attack. A temple boy stood there, holding a cup of water in his hands. Hissing I shooed the boy away, not wanting to take one so young. The child screamed, throwing the cup of water in the air and running away. I turned back to my feast, and was burned with an unbearable pain in my back. One drop of the water had hit the center of my back, and was eating its way through my body. I howled in agony, heard the approach of the temple guards and began to attempt to leave.

The guards threw spears, charged with swords, but even wounded I was more then fast enough to dodge them. I sprang through the hole in the roof, jumped over the wall, and sprinted for my cave as fast as possible. The entire time, the burning sensation was getting stronger; I could feel it eating away inside me.

I reached my cave, rolled the stone over the entrance, and curled up in a ball, shaking in agony, wondering what had happened to me.


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      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      Uniformity of content and form, interesting storytelling.