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Unrequited Gala

Updated on June 16, 2017

The eye that draws upon an arrayed beauty,
one could hope it brings,
the mad entanglement of two hearts,
dancing in orbital velocity,
whirling like autumnal leaves,
but with one word said or look taken away,
could send the other spiraling downward,
to the abyss of ne're love again.

Evolutionary response; the yardstick,
pummelled over the heads,
of dreamers thinking fanciful thoughts,
who in the limelight of chance took a beating organ,
held it upwards with an extended arm,
in a pithy recitement,
articulated the feelings that reside:
“Oh how lovely you are!”

With south pacific swells of emotion,
this predation of garish allurement,
whether by splendor of feathers,
or the enticement of doe eyes,
thus began the hunt for reciprocity.

So assemble creatures in the halls of adulation,
where all manner of gown and suit are gesturing,
the gala event displays the fine art of unrequited love,
colours pastel but lively,
the strokes that leave you breathless,
brightness like the firmament,
mood alterable but deep in character.

"The sculptures of the other,
also a piece on display",
the monocled man and dame,
eccentric and eclectic,
each showing the squandering temperament,
of age that creeps like a thief,
taking its very luster away.

Paradise surely lost!
In the minds of the souls,
which no cello can replicate,
its sad monotony,
marred pieces created,
by the brush, hammer, and chisel,
would be transformed to the unity,
of the ticking clock.

Longing loneliness bittersweet,
display of lines deepens the crevasse,
colours fading knowing that,
the recitation of murmurs inside,
be held silent,
until the day when,
chance again brings forth,
through the beauty of crow's feet,
and silver beckonings,
another patron,
for which the eye is surely fixed

June 14th 2017


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