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Updated on September 4, 2012
Love is the harmony~Desire is the key~Love is a symphony~Now play it with me - Lykke Li, Melodies and Desire
Love is the harmony~Desire is the key~Love is a symphony~Now play it with me - Lykke Li, Melodies and Desire

Melodies and Desire - Lykke Li

Would that every jewel could have your name,

That of crystalline perfection aloud.

So that should one ever speak,

Of these flawless glass suns,

all would weep at the wealth of your sound.

Thus only a glimpse would others ever know,

Of your form, and heart, and flow.

Yet with a hint, the world may be shown

A reflection of your heart-spark,

Of which I can never let go.

03 April 2012, Moira G Gallaga


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    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Quite a wonderful poem with intense and moving imagery. Voted Up and beautiful and interesting. :)

    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Thank you very much for all your comments and the compliments, I really appreciate it. My apologies for the late acknowledgement as I have been preoccupied lately with many things that have slowly eaten away at the time I could spend on my computer. Anyway, I find all your feedback encouraging and inspires me to keep on working on my poetry.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      A lovely poem with beautiful imagery. Voted up and beautiful.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      The image of clarity in the first two stanzas are striking and contrast with the glimpse and reflection of the last two. Voting this Up and Beautiful.

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 5 years ago from Space Coast

      I hate poets. They always nail it in a few lines. It makes me look bad.

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 5 years ago from Georgia

      This was heartfelt and was overflowing with imagery. I voted this up and beautiful. :)