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Updated on August 11, 2012

A poem asking one of THE basic questions: What, exactly, is so wrong about revenge? Where does this urge come from, or rather, why, if not to be satisfied or at least addressed and soothed?!


Oh, is it so wrong
to hold want to do wrong
upon he who with malace has wronged you?

For is it not just,
should one's fate prove it thus
justified when such hate fell upon you?

You caused no prior ill
though his scorn found you, still.
Is it sinful to seek retribution?

Is "an eye for an eye"
for Him only? But why?!
Then let Him kindly grant absolution!

My faith has been taken
and my dignity shaken.
These are unjust and burdensome losses.

As for me, I grant not
that which I haven't got.
For my burden *YOU'LL* bear karma's crosses.


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