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Unsticky Topics for Writing

Updated on March 8, 2017

Writing. Writing about writing. Apparently not many people can write and no, I’m not talking about unfortunate illiterate people, but about people who are taught how to write but they cannot do it… well… or they think they cannot do it well. Writing well is an art that, like any other art mediums, needs to be crafted and worked on for a long period. Therefore, in theory anyone can become a brilliant writer but theories are not often in line with practical. I mean in theory I should be able to understand finance after months of research and even studying accounting in High School but nope, does not stick in my tiny, little brain.

“Well, what does this have to do with writing? This theory and practical talk?” You may be thinking to yourself, or not, I’m not a mind reader, if I was I would shoot myself, seriously imagine all the noise you would hear if you could read minds. Anyway, my point for theory vs practical is that some people can do and understand some things better than others regardless how much effort they put into it. They can connect with certain topics and skills quicker. Someone can have what another lacks. For example logical people are often better with money and businesses while creative people are better with design and advertising. A logical person will not get why the logos etc. looks as such while a creative person will not get how they ran out of budget. You need a balance of both in their respected fields to run a good company.

And this applies to writing as well. Logical people are not often good creative writers. They can write academic and research papers extremely well with spot on grammar but ask them to write an article about pots and they will crazily stare at you. Logical people know and understand the structure of essay writing and that is why they are good at it (in my theory), essay writing is following a formula. However, creative people can write about pot, heck they can write about anything, they also can write research papers extremely well but ask them to run a business and it may fail or they will hire everyone to keep it afloat.

What I am saying is that everyone’s minds (not the physical brain because all those are technically the same) are wired differently. Not just because of the logical vs creative aspect but the ‘topic sticking to your brain’ aspect. I mentioned my inability to understand finance; well it just does not stick with me. I can read the same thing over and over, read it for a different writer, stand on my head while balance marbles on the bottom of feet while reading it, have someone explain it to me, have an expert explain it to me, have the actually writer themselves explain it and I will not get it. So finance is a weak point for me but I can explain film making. But someone will not get it any of it and have the same issue that I have with finance. Certain topics are not stick-able to certain people and certain skills are not doable by certain people. Such as writing but a good writer is only as good as the topics presented to them, if a topic cannot stick, no article (or some rubbish thing that makes no sense).

If you enjoy writing than write, and write and you well get better at it. Or you will discover which style you enjoy doing the most. There is something for somebody so you will find an audience outside of your parents or Alfred if you are Batman. If you do not enjoy writing creatively but have to, hire someone…like…the other person hopefully reading this post.


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    • profile image

      Tamara Moore 8 months ago

      I live inside my head, too :-)