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Untraditional Lovers

Updated on April 11, 2014


We were never really good at tradition, were we?

Everyone else blindly followed the rules; we always wrote our own story.

We made sure we didn’t burden ourselves with boundaries and rules.

Words were never enough to explain what we shared, but a smile could tell it all.

And while the others bend and break around us,

We continue to smile, engulfed in the passionate flames,

Burning the bridges only we could cross.


How often do you find yourself rewriting a poem or story?

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Some thoughts on revision

I never really think about my revision process, but have been forced to consider it more lately. I tend to edit as a write, scracthing out a word here, inserting an extra word there. By the time I finish a poem, it is usually as "revised" as it ever gets. However, looking back over my poems recently, I have discovered I don't like them as much as I did when I first wrote them. This particular poem looks and feels completely different than it did when I first wrote it, with only a phrase or two salvaged from the original. I like it for now, I guess I will revisit it again in a year and see if the love it still there. :)


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