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Unusual, New and Exciting Websites

Updated on March 5, 2012

3 of the Unusual and Exciting Spots on the Internet that I Discovered

The internet is a mall without a wall. It’s an amusement center. A place where you can shop for almost everything; watch movies and shows; play games; sing and dance; chat with anyone anywhere in the globe; and many other conceivable activity.

The internet is a museum, a laboratory, a classroom, a lounge, a company board room, a kitchen, and many more. The range of activities that people can do in the internet is ever expanding. The services and products being offered has transformed from the conceivable to the inconceivable but not impossible.

For people who practically live in the internet and breathe the internet, these sites that I discovered may not be new. But to me, they are three of the new, unusual and exciting spots that I find amusing, amazing and interesting.

1. 1. The website that conducts searches for the next sought-after talents in the world. Ever heard of this one? The website encourages anyone eyeing stardom as a future to register with the website and upload performance videos for a small fee of $15. Ones videos are uploaded according to the parameters set by the website, DaBlockOnline promotes and advertises them on leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Multiply. The website has designed an online poll where viewers may vote for their favorite videos after paying a small amount of money. The money collected from the poll will go directly to the owners of the video so that they will not only have a shot at stardom but also earn in the process! How convenient and creative.

2. 2. This is the website that upholds cats. It contains information about cats and how to care for the feline. All you need to know about cat grooming and caring are emblazoned here. What is unique about this site? It recently launched a product called Protect Your Pet card. It looks pretty much like your ordinary calling cards except that they serve to quickly inform emergency services that you are a pet owner with pet/pets waiting for you at home. The card has the name, number and address of the person you have chosen to be contacted about your pet/pets in case something bad happens to you. The card will allow the authorities to inform the person you have chosen to care for your pet about your pet's food, special needs and veterinarian's phone number. That’s not the end of the story because this card is available for international shipping. The person who conceived this brilliant idea is indeed a lover of pets and is dedicated to the welfare of pets. The card will speak up in behalf of the card owner if the latter is not able to speak for himself.

3. 3. This is the ultimate deal for me. The website allows members to watch breathtaking scenes of nature live! It gives a chance for urban and city dwellers to experience the soothing and calming effect of nature after a long, hectic, and exhaustive day at work. It transforms your computer screens into a window overlooking a beautiful beach, a mysterious forest, or a craggy hill. It captures the natural sounds of nature in the background as well. The scenes will run for a maximum of 20 minutes for only a small fee. The scenes are taken from New Zealand but owners of the website are already looking forward to capturing all the beautiful spots of nature in the globe. Isn’t that just great? The best of nature inside your bedroom or living room!


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