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Unusual pet

Updated on July 17, 2013
Little did we know what await us after the delivery of Kwam. Kusum went out to fetch water form the wheel then noticed a baby python and broken egg shells, she ran inside shouting but as we all came out the python was no where to be found, it took us almost two hours searching and combing the entire compound but it was gone then we all went back into the house to meet the shock and trauma of our lives. There was the five of us. Myself Najid; Kwam's father, Kusum my wife, his mother, my younger brother Hamza, my cousin Kasif and My mother in-law.

The baby python of almost 2metres long circled Kwam and had its mouth pointed on his tiny head.

If you are a father and you are reading this,tell me what will come to your mind if you see your three months old son rapped by a python.

I knew that Kwam was going to die that day and i knew that i needed to save him, i knew that there was nothing i could do and i also knew that i can die along with him so i descended on him and tried to pull the python away but the more i tried to pull it, the stronger and harder it rapped itself on my little son. My cousin and brother although terrified managed to get into the pulling but to no avail then it occurred to me to simply get a knife and cut the head off but as i ran into the kitchen to fetch a cutlass,the entire power in the whole community failed and there was a total darkness in the house.

Power was restored after five hours and to the entire terrified relatives and Kwam's loved ones, the python had by this time carefully circled itself round him,we noticed the smile on his face and no one knew how it happened but the python began to release itself ,we stood watching then it finally did and quietly crawled out from the house,we watched it as it crawled outside then to the wheel and remained there. Something told me instantly that what we experienced was a clear message because we are a religious family.

Anyway to cut a long story short, from that moment on, Kwam and Kuol had been together and have never been separated, they are the same age and we treat Kuol as a member of our family. Kwam plays with Kuol and even teach it few tricks and one need not a prophet to understand the love they share. There was a time Kwam got sick, that was when he was three years, Kuol fell sick as well and for the first time in my life, i saw tears in the eyes of a python. Do you believe that pythons cry?

This is an unusual story so you have to expect unusual events in it.

There was a time when the authorities came for Kuol and that was the day we saw its anger, it almost crushed one of the policemen but they also understood the connection between Kwam and Kuol because at Kwam's voice,it mellows so no one told them to be on their way. You see, we live in a community or a part of the world where almost everyone is religious so attributing this situation to religion makes my family the luckiest in the community.

Kuol brought is good luck to my family, i could remember that we had a vast harvest that first year it appeared and ever since then it has been from one good fortune to another. My immediate elder brother who was a drunk and a never do well won the highest lotto in the history of lotto in our country. He stopped drinking and today owns one of the biggest garment plants in the country and he did not forget Kwam and Kuol.

Both are now 12 years old and Kuol weighs 24tones, it could easily crush Kwam but you need to see how careful this python is whenever it is playing with Kwam.Unlike most snakes, pythons and most reptiles, Kuol had never eaten frog, rats or any such of that creature, it began eating chicken from the 3rd day it came into our lives and today consumes fifteen kilos of chicken and duck daily. Its diet is simply similar to that of the entire family

Unusual pet

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It is an unusual pet but the circumstances surrounding Kwam's birth is also unusual because my wife never knew that she was pregnant, she was seeing her circle until the eight month and Kwam was delivered under a heavy rain on our way to the hospital,everyone including the doctors believed that he will not make it because of the rain that beat him, he had pneumonia immediately after birth, his heart stopped beating the very moment he was placed in the incubator and when he was confirmed dead and my wife threw herself on the floor, he cried out loud to let her know that he was alive.

You see, things happen to us,some we consider strange because as you are reading this story,you might begin to wonder the reality and how strange it is but if someone could see the future, if someone could prophesy and it come to pass, if someone could touch the blind and he begin to see,if there is miracle then our story is not strange but one of those things God does to let us know that he is watching over us.


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