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Unwanted...a poem

Updated on January 26, 2014
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By Tony DeLorger © 2014

I live upon the edge of unwanted truths,

tempted by the bliss of ignorance,

but tortured by the strewn shards of reality,

and as I balance upon this demarcation,

I am drawn to both sides by gravity,

and struggle for compromise.

What's known cannot be undone,

just denied enough to become numb,

and perhaps I should focus on more mundane thoughts,

to undermine my own need for resolution,

in this unsettling state of purgatory

that gnaws away at my intentions.

The strands of a rope may be undone,

but they still follow the same course, just separately,

and in this I know, I win a losing battle,

reality not prepared to be veiled by any delusion,

and I unwilling to cease probing,

to cease my truth seeking in earnest.

Were it not for this propensity,

I would be lost in an uncomplicated life,

blissfully happy and ignorant,

questioning none but the dinner menu,

but here I am lost in the incalculable complexities,

of a righteous, voracious and introspective mind.

Here I'll remain, for we can but be true to who we are,

but none the less, I complain about my own inadequate take,

the realities that bite an open heart,

and I, willing to see truths beyond the pretence of self-protection,

and the cloak and dagger games of a mind of reason.

How we manipulate ourselves in preservation,

like a mother telling white lies to her child,

but in the end that inner voice wins all,

cutting through the illusions of rationale,

with an insistence of stark, unchangeable truth,

what most of us avoid in fear.

We all have this ability to either accept of reject reality, dependent upon how it affects us: how we feel about ourselves or how others see us. The choice is always ours to live in denial of truth or to live the struggle of dealing with reality, however difficult.


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