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Up and Coming Authors on Wattpad: Jennifer "Jenni" James

Updated on August 22, 2011

Who is Jennifer James?

Jennifer "Jenni" James is an up and coming author of young adult novels. Jenni is married "to a very hot red head" named Mark, and she has 10 beautiful children (7 biological, 3 foster children). Her love of the classic author, Jane Austen, and the will to share her love for Jane Austen's books with her daughters, drove her to re-write Jane Austen's novels.

Jenni James' updated versions of Jane Austen's novels are for the children of the now, a refreshing twist on Jane Austen's classic stories. If you are a lover of Jane Austen, or if you just like reading great books, check out this newly refreshing author!

The Jane Austen Diaries

Currently, Jenni James has just published her first installment in her Jane Austen updated story series entitled, "Pride and Popularity". 'Pride and Popularity is the first installment of The Jane Austen Diaries, the collection of Jane Austen's updated stories written by Jenni James. Other titles that are soon to be published are Mansfield Ranch, Northanger Alibi, Persuaded, Emmalee, and Sensible & Sensational.

Currently the first four chapters are available on Wattpad, for Pride and Popularity are available on Wattpad, for promotional purposes. (If you don't know what Wattpad is, check it out: What is Wattpad?)

Get your Copy of Pride & Popularity Today!!!

Pride and Popularity -

Chloe Hart despises the popular crowd, more specifically, the self absorbed jock, Taylor Anderson. Taylor seems to have everyone under his spell, but Chloe, who he seems to be trying to recruit to be president of his fan club. Despite Chloe's stubborn determination, even she seems to be falling for Taylor, can she resist falling in love with the most self absorbed guy in town? Find out in Pride and Popularity by Jenni James! AVAILABLE NOW!

Northanger Alibi -

Claire Hart is so obsessed with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series so much that she actually believes that vampires and werewolves exist! On a venture to Seattle, Washington, she discovers Tony Russo, a local boy that she swears is a vampire. On Claire's first time away from home, she discovers that things aren't always what they seem, and that sometimes reality could be more interesting than she could ever read inside a book. Northanger Alibi will be available for reading November 2011.


Persuaded -

Four years ago you broke the heart of a boy, four years later he's come back into your life, and this time he's more cute and worth millions!Now he's become the town's most eligible bachelor, and every girl is throwing themselves at him. Would he take you back after you tore his heart to pieces, or would he throw you to the wayside like you deserve?

You can read Persuaded in it's entirety. August 2011 Persuaded will be removed from Wattpad due to the publishers request to get ready for the distribution of the book in Spring 2012. Find out what happens!


Emmalee -

Emmalee Bradford's best friend of four years, Chase Anderson, has always been a platonic friend. Emmalee is about to discover that her perfect life is about to be turned upside down by feelings that she has contracted for Chase, but Chase is just a friend, right?

Find out what happens in Jenni James' Emmalee, the adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, Emma. (Release date is currently unknown, but you can read the whole story on Wattpad!)


Mansfield Ranch -

Mansfield Ranch is Jenni James' modern twist to Jane Austen's novel, Mansfield Park. Jenni is currently working on this story's rough draft, and is updating new chapters on Wattpad! The storyline follows Lilly Price as she tells her story of being in the shadow of her millionaire adoptive family, and meeting a boy that turns her world on it's head.

Lilly must now choose between a guy that's always going to be available, or the unavailable love of her life. Find out what happens in Jenni James' up coming novel! (This book is currently not published, but you can read the story as it unfolds on Wattpad!)

Wattpad Contest

Newly Published, and on top!

Though Jenni James is a newcomer to the publishing world, she already has thousands of readers, and just on Wattpad! With her stylistic writing and impeccable story telling skills, she has turned what is most writers dream of into a reality.

Jenni James currently has a contest going on for a chance to win 1 of 10 copies of her newly published book, Pride and Popularity. Also, on her YouTube account she posts videos of helpful tips for writers, and updates for her books. Check out Jenni James, and other authors on Wattpad!


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    • WattpadHelp profile image

      WattpadHelp 6 years ago from Richmond, VA, USA

      @Mortimerjackson No problem! I actually created this hub to spotlight unknown authors and stories on Wattpad, if you'd like I could read yours and do a hub about it! Read my story on Wattpad, it's called Tainted,

    • mortimerjackson profile image

      mortimerjackson 6 years ago from California

      My word I can't believe I didn't think to put my book on Wattpad. Thanks for this great article on Wattpad.