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"Update" Josh Dempler In The Raw.

Updated on February 21, 2013

This is an update to an article I had posted about the state of things in my life. I am now writing and getting paid for what I write through Yahoo's Contributor Network. Please visit my profile to access the articles I have posted on there.

How Yahoo's payment system pays by page views. The payments are not extremely large, however they do offer something for the work that you put into articles. On some articles you may be eligible for an upfront payment.

Another nice thing about Yahoo's network is that all of your articles are edited by a real person before they are accepted for publication. This is a great quality control tool to make sure that you did not miss anything in your own proof reading.

All in all I enjoy writing for Hubpages the most, however it is nice to get paid for page views as apposed to ad views. One plus is that if you have an article that you publish on Hubpages. You can also share it as an article on Yahoo; as long as you mark it as previously published, and it is up to par enough for Yahoo to publish.


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