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Upon Waking 2

Updated on February 13, 2010

Day Two


She awoke the same way she had the day  before. It still shocked her to see herself lying there, motionless hooked up to those machines. She felt sad and alone. Not wanting to stay in the stifiling room any longer she decided to take a walk. Surprisingly the hospital smelled of fresh coffee and bread. The hospital was alive with people coming in for the first visit of the day, nurses were busy making their rounds while the doctors checked on their patients. It was a big difference to what she actually thought a hospital stood for. Here wasn’t death but a persistent effort to preserve life.  She hadn’t noticed that she had wandered into the emergency room until the doors burst open and two paramedics rushed in with a young male who looked to be about 17 on a gurney.  One of the paramedics was continuosly pumping air through a large valve attached to the boys mouth when he opened his eyes and looked directly at her. All the noise around her seemed to fade into the distance as he continued to stare, almost as if he knew every thought that was going through her mind. And then it all came rushing back, the nurse writing the information given to her by the paramedic, the frenzied woman who came barging through the doors only seconds later. It was like she was the only one there, no one else saw her or spoke to her even though she stood right in the center of all the chaos. The boy had his eyes closed again as they rolled him away and she wondered if she had imagined the whole thing.  She took one last look towards him before she decided it was time she went outside.  She stood at the entance of the emergency room doors and relished the warm breeze that played lightly on her cheek. As she proceeded to step outside she felt a jolt of pain radiate through her and around her.  It was like being ripped apart in two. She immediately stepped back from the door. When she felt the pain beginning to ease she stepped back even further until it became only a dull ache. ‘I wouldn’t do that agin if I was you.’ She didn’t have to turn to know he was back. ‘So nice of you to show up again, so unexpected.’ she exclaimed dryly.  ‘What was that?’ ‘Your body is upstairs and you are not, if you separate to far from it you risk never being able to rejoin it again.’  ‘So, I’m stuck here?’ ‘For the most part.’  ‘What’s the other?’ ‘Find the reason why you should be returned to your physical body.’ ‘Your just a regular cup of cream aren’t you? I know I run the risk of sounding like a scratched cd but who are you?’  ‘My name is J.’ ‘You mean like J-A-Y- Jay.?’ ‘No, simply J.?’ ‘Ok simply J, how do I find the why?’ she asked. ‘I can not help you with that. It is a journey that you must make for yourself. ‘ ‘Then why are you here J, is it simply to leave me more confused.?’ He smiled at her. ‘Remember why you are here.’ And like he had the previous day he vanished. ‘I am seriously going to have to talk to him about that.’ She made her way back towards her room, where she dreaded going. She didn’t want to be there with the monitors beeping and the swishing sound of the machine that was pumping air into her lungs.  Glancing around the nurses station she saw the sign that read Coma ward and understood why J had said she was not dead but somewhere in between. As if the realization opened up a worm hole she could feel the sorrow and the pain of all the people around her. Some had visitors sitting by their beds talking or reading while other patients lay lifeless as the world went on around them. A sick thought popped into her mind, I’m one of these people. Stranded in the in between of life and death. I may never find my way back. It was the singing that brought her from her thoughts. A childs singing. She followed the voice until she came to a door with a name tag that read Emily.  She was about to knock when the door opened. The singing stopped when she walked into the room. The girl was sitting on the floor with a doll in her hand. She had the curliest brown hair and when she stepped closer to her the girl looked up at her and smiled. ‘Have you come to play with me.’ Emily asked with only the innonece a child could display.  ‘I only have one doll but you can play with her.’ Emily held the doll up so she could could take it. She took the doll and sat down next to the girl. ‘Where are your parents?’ Emily shrugged her shoulders. ‘Are you lost? Do you need me to help you find them?’ Emily looked at her with tears beginging to form in her eyes. ‘I can’t find them and it makes me sad. We were going to chuck e cheese and mommy was laughing at something daddy said. He is really funny sometimes.’ She smiled softly. ‘I remember mommy screaming and then it all went black. I woke up here and I’ve been here a really long time. I tried to ask the lady that comes in where my mommy and daddy are but she doesn’t answer me.’ Her eyes went wide at what she had just been told. She turned her head around to look at who was lying on the bed. It broke something inside of her to see that it was the little girl. Emily looked like an angel sleeping and all it would take was for someone to come and wake her up. But instead she was trapped in this nightmare.  She placed her arm around the girl unable to keep the tears from running down her own cheeks. ‘It’s going to be ok. How about you come and stay with me in my room. Emily looked at her with doe eyes and smiled widely. ‘Really, can I?’ ‘Extremely touched she wiped a tear from the girls face. ‘You bet.’ When they came to her room she looked at the name tag outside her door and was shocked to see that it was blank.  She  realized that J had never called her by name. Come to think of it she never thought about it. ‘I don’t know my own name.’




 Day three coming soon, again I welcome your thoughts. I hope you've enjoyed what you've read.


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