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Upon my finger

Updated on November 7, 2010

2 poems

Upon my finger

Upon my finger see a ring
placed there during our vows
a ring of silver and gold
entwined like our lifes now are
a symbol of love you have for me
upon your finger I see a ring
placed there by my hand
a ring of gold and silver
expressing your worth to me
a symbol of our live together
upon our fingers i see the rings
placed there in a ceremony of love
gold and silver in color
expressing our mutual feelings
a symbol of our undying love

Empassioned with the thought of you in myarms
giving me  more reasons to hang on
hopeful awareness of being yours fill my soul
brimming with peace filled desires
restful feelings fill my being when you are near
calming the rage inside of me
lovingtouches of your hands and arms on me
waken the feelings of desire in me
sweet tatse of your lips against mine
charging me with electric wants
mellowing words spoken in conversations
rising hopes of a deep love
lack of refusal or turning away
increasing feelings for you
willingness to be patient and understanding
strengthens my resolve and love
patients compassion and calmnessyoushow
lets me hope aboput how you feel


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