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Urges and Disrespect (As Told by Count Dracula)

Updated on April 1, 2012

A Drawing of Count Dracula


I find no solace in the light,

I cannot relate to your religion

So watch in the most disturbing of ways

As I drain the blood from this pigeon

The first thoughts upon my waking

Reflect on the skin I crave,

The darkness surrounds my very being

I shiver as I rise from the grave

I have a hunger you will never know

I lust for the taste of flesh,

It’s almost impossible to contain these desires,

I am the one who knows this best

To gain my sustenance requires pain

In my heart of hearts I wish it weren’t so

Now uncover the skin of your neck

And let us give this a go

When all is done I’ll take a new form,

You won’t recognize me again,

I will slip away into the night

And find me another friend

Through the dark I’ll fly in time and space,

I’ll glide where the day does not follow,

Across the land that rejects me

I’ll look for a soul to borrow

So when the night realm fades at last,

I’ll return to my eerie solitude

To rest my weary eyes and ears

And yearn for blood, not gratitude

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