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Use All Your Powers As One

Updated on May 25, 2011

On Again Off Again

Please let the real me come forward

I often can't decide to show my good side or just hide

I play a game of cat and mouse with myself

Why do I feel challanged at every turn ?

Each day I play a game of show and tell revealing all the good things I have learned through my life

There are no dark clouds that follow me

I have been given the freedom and joy to seek out many new loves

Each time having the time of my lilfe and then some how it gets better

My time is spent different than most

Enjoying the littlest pleasure at one end

Then all the way at the other end of the scale I keep trying to put the most fantastic and wonderful times into pictures and words

For some reason I stilll haven't learned how to bring it all together

After careful thought and consideration I think I have missed the point

Each day if something doesn't work I say let me try something else that does work

After trying many different methods I reach some success

Along the way I have lost myself in the process

Finding something else to catch my interest and desire

Off to a new adventure bigger and bolder than the one before

If I only realized I have so much more power than I ever thought possible

That all my powers were there for me to use at any time

It was not a question of using my sight only

When I have been hearing all along

It wasn't a case of using my mind like an on and off switch

Once it was turned on it never shuts off

Even while I sleep

I may not know it but I am making huge progress all the time

Some seen some unseen

My body is constantly changing and so are my thoughts

Even at my lowest point I have made so many improvements I just never did see

So now it is time to move on

Keep an open mind all the time

I have learned to pat myself on the back continually not just on those special occasions

This way my life is not a stop and go but a go and go faster

I have to change my attitude to one of constant pleasure

I want to saturate my mind with an over abundance of happiness

That I will be forever grateful

So there will be no doubt again

In the past I kept looking for other people in my life to give me answers

Now I know they only know what I know or maybe less

I thought because of age,relationship, their skills and the opportunties they have had the edge on me

I now understand each day is different and so is each opportunity

It is up to each one of us to take on the responsibility of each opportunity and make it our own

To hold it

Mold it

Then make it ours

It is like personalizing something with our name

Branding it for us to tell all others this is mine and I am letting the world know I mean business

We have not fluffed it off lightly like the change in weather

Instead we have found a way to take serious action and effort to see our idea to the end

Whatever it takes we our willing to give that extra effort

When other people will stray like an alley cat from one barrel to another

We have found our home and peace with where and what we want to do

So as I begin a new trek

I am more diligent and confident than before

I will not blow out like a candle in the wind

I will persevere in all times

Sometimes thinking is not doing

Other times doing is not enough

We have to go back and redo many things over and over again

That we love to do and through repetition we find our true success and our ultimate happiness

So I am on my journey with or without you

I hope you may also find what lnspires you to live the life that you oogle for

One that glitters on all four corners and has peace in the heart

For this is what life is about and now I know why so many people can't see it from the start

They have forgotten the most important part

They all have what they will ever need

When they accept themselves for who they are

That is when they can turn their dreams to reality


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick If there is a way to improve on something I will keep looking till I find it.I am blessed with a very inquisitive nature.There is one small catch.I am not sure how many years it will take me(lol).Eiddwen I wonder how long it will take us all to stop fighting and start living.There are so many new ideas ready to explode into a beautiful new world.One that will keep us spinning on our heads.Thanx so much for reading and enjoying.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Brilliant !!!

      They have forgotten the most important part

      They all have what they will ever need

      When they accept themselves for who they are

      That is when they can turn their dreams into reality.

      I loved these words and so very very true !!!

      Thank you once more for sharing a great hub.

      Take care


    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      This was amazing. So much wisdom , yet written in your quirky way that always lifts me up and makes me smile...........

      Thank you for , once again ´making my day´.