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Use Social Buzz Club to Gain Traffic

Updated on September 14, 2017

I have to say that is one of the greatest finds for traffic generation that I have ever found. It is not obnoxious and helps others as you get help yourself. And it is one of those undiscovered gems that hasn’t been overrun by spammers. Social Buzz Club is a great tool for marketing.

I found it quite by accident. Someone had mentioned in an article, and I followed the link. Best decision I had made.

What is Social Buzz Club

Social Buzz Club is a place where you can share your links and find other people's that you can share. Yes, it is a site to get word out about your own site. But it is more than that. It is a site where you can learn to market better.

On Social Buzz Club, you can read educational articles that help to guide you in your marketing endeavors. There are webinars and other resources by many experts you can obtain and use. This is a site that is continually growing and needs to be part of your marketing strategy.

How the Site Works

Start out by signing up. It’s simple. When I first signed up, it was free. As they grew, so did their costs to give even better service. We'll discuss fees later.

In signing up, you need to enter your URL’s for your website and all the social and professional media sites. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can only enter one per site unless you sign up for the advanced membership. These links are for when you share other people’s buzz. It allows you to click for sharing other interesting links you find.

When you sign up, you are ready to begin. You don’t start out by submitting your material. This is where you show your true intentions. You start off by sharing other people’s posts. Give before you can take.

Read what is under the Buzz Now Section. These are the ones that have been submitted over the last few days. Read them. Don't just share for the sake of sharing. Do you want to share this material with your audience? Would they be interested in it? Then share it. Only share if you can really stand by it.

Keep in mind that you can still be guilty of spamming when you use Social Buzz Club. Don’t share everything at once. There is an option to schedule your Twitter and Linkedin shared for a later date and time. Take advantage of that. Don’t flood your social media feeds with these articles. No matter how great they are, they’ll get lost in the flood and will in the end do you and the author no good.

For each share, you get a point. Accumulate as many as you can because it ‘costs’ you five points to share your own links. You scratch their backs, they’ll scratch yours.

I’ve found this to be a very wonderful tool that is not used that much, but should be.


I have seen an increase in traffic since I have used Social Buzz Club. Has it been astronomical? No, but I haven't been in the work to make it such. What work I have put into it has shown results. This means I will be reassessing how I do it and doing a much better job as I use the resources they are producing all the time.


This is what you have been waiting for. How much will it cost you?

Basic membership is $9.95 a month with an option to pay for a year's worth for a discount. This gives you access to webinars, articles, links, and the ability to share your own as well as ability to link to various social media accounts.

You can upgrade for $19.95 a month to have what the basic offers as well as more social media links and backlinks to your website.

Is This For You?

This is the next big question. The only way to answer this is to give it a try. Have content ready to share. Be ready to share other people's great pieces. Prepare to try it for at least a few months to see if you get any results. If you do, it will be so worth it. Social Buzz Club is a marketing option you should consider.


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 4 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Interesting suggestion. I will check it out. Thanks for writing.


    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 4 months ago from Ohio

      This sounds like a great opportunity. I'm sad that it has a monthly fee. Currently I cannot afford it. But, thanks for the information and I will keep it in mind for when the time comes that I can afford it. :)