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Using core values to improve productivity

Updated on November 30, 2015

Core values and work place productivity

The foundation in any solid relationship is highly dependent upon trust whether in your own personal relationships or job related relationships. Trust is a very important factor in the workplace environment especially between supervisor and employees and also between employees’ and their co-workers. Without trust as a firm foundation, nothing between two people can be built successfully without it crumbling down into a pile of mistrust. Both trust and relationship are important factors in improving productivity in terms of improving performance, building a positive company reputation and worth, and helping employees to know the value and importance of the work they do (Sharp, 2012).

When a supervisor makes each employee feel as though they are important as individuals along with involving them in discussions, it helps to build not only a relationship but trust as well. When you trust the person that you work for on a day to day basis it makes it easier for you as an employee to want to do your job and also to want to give nothing but your best to every assignment that you are given. This improves productivity immensely because there is a relationship filled with trust and the employee also believes that if something goes wrong you as his/her supervisor will have their back or best interest at heart.

There are some persons who speak about their place of work in a negative and unprofessional manner to others. With such negativity being displayed it shows that you as an individual do not have good relations or trust where you work. This is why trust is essential because it helps to build a positive company reputation and worth. If you as an employee bad mouths your organization it gives that organization a bad reputation just because of your bad comments. It discourages people from seeing the worth of the organization because you have already placed a seed of doubt in their minds. However, if trust was already established then the employees would speak highly of their company which will result in positive feedback from others along with the employees wanting to work harder because they know that they are fortunate to be working for that organization.

Through demonstrating their contribution, importance, and recognizing their efforts it helps to show the employees the value they bring to the company. This also helps to improve productivity because you are taking to time out of your day to commend them on a job well done. Sometimes all an individual wants to hear is “Good Job”. It motivates them to continue to strive for success because they feel as though they are doing important work and that each member of the organization is a valued employee (Sharp, 2012).

In order to attain the best work from your employees it is important that you have both trust and relationship between each member of the work place. Through these two essential factors it helps to improve the employee performance which will benefit the organization in the long run. Building a positive company reputation and worth also helps to improve productivity because when others from outside the organization express their praises to your place of work it motivates you to want to work harder because you know you are fortunate. It also helps the employee to know the value and importance of the work that they are doing which helps them to feel good about their selves which results in them doing their work more efficiently.



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