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Utterly Me

Updated on May 8, 2017

The Childhood Me

Dear World,

Do you know what it's like to be me? To live the life of a lonely child? I like elementary school and I made a few friends! We play together a lot on the playground and race for the swings a lot. A lot of times we play kickball, too! After school, though, it's different. I can't go home right away. I have to stay at an after-school program. The first day is okay and I get along with some of the kids. It doesn't stay that way for very long and staying after school has become really scary for me. The older kids are not so nice to me, except for one. They like to push me around and bully me. I don't know why they pick on me when there are other kids in the same grade as me. I don't know what I did to make them hate me so much! I'm too scared to tell my aunt and uncle about it. What if I get in trouble?

I try to get along with the older kids but they don't like it. Two older girls let me play with them but sometimes I think that they think that I'm a my sister thinks of me. Even though the other kids let me play with them, I know that they're laughing at me. That why I stay near the nice ladies or just play alone on the swings when we go outside to play. Sometimes I'll play with legos by myself or draw pictures with markers. I like drawing but the older kids say my pictures are ugly. It's hard to ignore them. They make me cry a lot.

There's this one big kid who likes to pick on me a lot. Today, he and I were on the swings and he laughed at me since he was going higher. I ignore him, like I'm taught when kids are being mean, and jump off from my swing. We're being called back inside to the school cafeteria and I run back. The ladies get out all of the markers and papers for us to if we want to draw. Some of the other kids are playing with legos but I don't care. I'd rather draw. The same big kid who picked on me earlier is suddenly by the phone and his arm is in a sling. Guess he must have broken it.

"Hi, mom." He says in a sad way.

He deserved it. I really wish he got sent to the office for that and the one time we were finishing up a round of kickball. I was playing outfield but it was time to go back inside the cafeteria. I was walking off of the field when he took the kickball and threw it at me. He aimed at my back and he got in trouble for that, too.

There is another kid who likes to pick on me as well. This kid is fatter than the one who just broke his arm from jumping off of the swing. Sometimes he's nice but most of the time he's mean. He'll make fun of my pictures or call me names. Sometimes he puts 'kick me' signs on my back. He's the brother of one of my classmates. I don't know why he does this but I'll go onto the stage in the cafeteria and stay there. I'm safer away from the big kids. I'm not safe when we go outside. He likes to throw rocks at me when I'm on the swings. Once, he took me by the shirt and slammed me into the wall when I wouldn't get out of way so he could see something. He only got a time-out. I really wished that he got sent into the office.

He has another brother, too, who's older than my first-grade classmate but younger than him. I don't really like him. Whenever we play kickball, he gets mean. Once, I kicked the ball outfield and started running around all of the bases. He almost got me, too, but he missed when he tried to tag me out. I scored a point and he shoved me. He got a time-out.

Dear world, I don't want to deal with these bullies anymore.


© 2017 Jennifer


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    • writinglover profile image

      Jennifer 5 months ago from Lost...In Video Games

      Very true @divakar3368. The bullying for me continued on into middle and high school. It sucked.

    • divakar3368 profile image

      divakar3368 5 months ago from Maldives

      Bullying has been a major issue especially in the days of school , college education, but sadly, the same has been mostly neglected. Many students lose confidence and even commmit suicide frustrated over this menace.