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VANDEL IV chapter I part A

Updated on October 3, 2008

Chapter I part A

In years long past, the galaxy was at peace. As civilizations grew and matured, they increased their knowledge of things that surrounded them. Many planets prospered in the of math, science, biology, and many other fields, and as a result, they grew in technology and riches. Yet as time passed on the planets became overcrowded, so many took to the stars. Each civilization built large space stations for business, pleasure, and research. Probes and colony ships were sent to near and far star systems.

Gradually they encroached upon each other. Most traded with each other, and yet a few became reclusive and didn’t want anything to do with the other races. In the course of expansion and exploration, some ships disappeared. In one part of the galaxy where few stars called home. Nothing ever came back. That area became known as The Dark Zone (DZ). Hundreds of years passed by and nothing went in or came out of the DZ.

Hundreds of years passed by and nothing went in or came out of the DZ.Now five of the largest civilizations came together to pool their knowledge. Each with their own area of expertise.

Golacks: Chimpanzee like creatures that understood chemistry better than most.

Plazin:Octopus type that moved around on mechanical legs. Metaphysics and biology nobody could compare.

Bur-Zaks: Bear shaped with bony plates like armor. Renowned for their engineering and ability to survive in space for short periods of time without support.

Qusoc: Avians with above average physics and an uncanny ability of navigation.

Slinx: Humanoid sized reptiles. Average intelligence, but by far the most abundant in numbers.

Those five races headed the council of the United Commonwealth that also included thirty-two other races. Many years pass and six of the most advanced scout ships are commissioned to explore the Dark Zone and report their findings.

Two humanoid creatures sit at a bank of screens, buttons, and pulsing lights. Black insect heads stare blankly at the screens before them.

“I think they send you out here for punishment”, says one.

Sounding like various whistles and clicks.

We must be ready,” returns the other.

“Nothing has happened in years!”

“I know, but the day will come when the An-Kron race will be known to all and they will serve us. Till then…”

“Yes I know! I still don’t like waiting. I’m going to get some Qhash.” sounding impatient.

“Bring me one.”

The first returns holding two grub like creatures in its two lower hands and two sticky amber drinks in the upper two.

Thought you would like something to drink also.” Holding out two arms.

Be-Boo? - Be-Boop - Be-Boop sounds startling the two. One fell out of its chair making the other drop what it was carrying.

“Six intruders! Notify Regional Command.”

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by:  Raymond Powell

© 2008 apowellwest


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      6 years ago

      'your getting there', is incorrect. The response option should read, 'you're getting there'. Someone needs to practice.