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Updated on September 24, 2015


Stress and fear , the core of life,

to add to it is the glaring strife,

conflicts and quarrels join the line,

snatching away the peaceful shine.

Burdened heart and burdened mind,

long to escape in the wild,

competition ,the biggest race,

hard it is to keep up pace.

In this case all are bound to say,

'there is no escape, there is no way.'

But if you don't agree , I still do say,

don't leave hope,there's still a way.

Beyond your shell have you ever been?

There is a picture all unseen.

After bearing all day's stress,

look out of your window , keep out mess.

Look at the night, the nature's dress,

forget all strain , veil your stress.

Keeping aside the whole day's torment,

the sky has worn it's purple garment.

The shining stars secretly peep,

the morning flowers have gone to sleep.

The tiny bird back to nest,

the black dog on the road to rest.

The light wind smoothly blows,

the river water swiftly flows.

Seeing the scenery the moon's so merry,

basking in it's beauty , the night's glory.

There is a way so you see,

discard stress and take to glee.

So cast your eyes on the purple night,

forget your tension, sorrow and plight.

stress of life , the biggest strife.
stress of life , the biggest strife. | Source
stress kills the heart
stress kills the heart
don't just sit by thinking that you are stressed out
don't just sit by thinking that you are stressed out
view the huge night sky
view the huge night sky
the serene night sky
the serene night sky

tips to keep out stress

Every night sit at the window , view the night sky and have good sleep.

see the purple night

the moon
the moon

how to get stress free

Stress is the biggest enemy. It depends on how you tackle it.If you can't tackle it heart ,brain and other disorders will surface.

stress relief

imagine yourself to be without stress.

no more tension

  1. have good sleep
  2. watch the natures scenery
  3. drink a lot of water
  4. plant trees in your garden
  5. hear light ,soft music
  6. share your anxieties with your friend.

did you try the above tips earlier?

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    • debjani mandal profile image

      DEBJANI MANDAL 22 months ago from INDIA

      Don't let stress win over you. YOU win over stress..;-p

    • debjani mandal profile image

      DEBJANI MANDAL 23 months ago from INDIA

      Read my article and learn how to avoid stress. There are loads you need to see in this world. So from today don't waste your time by being tense. Open your eyes wide...