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Updated on July 2, 2016

As if we said:

A black soiled land

Gold plagued and diamond infested

Need the alien occupation

And the brutal rape of a people’s will

As if we sent the word vulture express

By smoke and the fromtomfrom drum.

They came riding the great river

Like wooden gods made alive

By the sacrifices of greed

And the wickedness of hearts shrouded.

They did the first taking when

They planted their flag and named our land

And the flag grew thorns on our soil which they renamed.

They bought our treasure with a glass bead

And our greedy with red silk and rum.

They wanted two legged cattle, they said

We don’t know any, we said

But they took us anyway

Grunting and snorting and rooting the soil

To tell the deadness of the dead

For signs of the life

They took

Our women also


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