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Vacumm Sealed.

Updated on January 3, 2010

Vacuum Sealed



Fingers webbed

with despair,

lips stitched

with silence,

threaded tightly

to her soul.

Unable to voice

her emotions,

her key board

sits bored




offering little

to voice her despair


The cathedral

of her cranium

squats empty

to the worship

of words.

All that was once

poetic baptized

in the suspension

of a  brainwash  

She sits gazing

out windows,

to a world

that no longer

whispers peace to her.


All those thoughts

that once enriched her soul 

between commas,

in joyous spurts

now trickle in a single

tear across her cheek.


Loneliness is 

the neediest

of companions


all of your sorrows

and offering little

comfort in return.




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