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Vagrant Sage Webcomic Teaser

Updated on February 26, 2016

What is Vagrant Sage?

Vagrant Sage is the product of many years of world building. The first of many ideas to inhabit said universe, this story focuses on a pair of unlikely heroes.

John Trinity:
A generally sarcastic pothead with a penchant for video games and avoiding all other forms of effort. Works at a "Waffle Shack" as a grill operator on 3rd shift. That is, until his life is turned upside down and, shortly thereafter, uprooted by....


A grungy 19 year old Cajun pick pocket with long silver hair and a bad attitude. A girl on the run full of danger and mystery. Not to mention magic and necromancy.

Plot Summary

While working late one night, and enjoying a smoke break, John notices a girl being harassed by a group of men on the other side of the parking lot. Hoping to just smoke in peace, he attempts to drive the men off.

His false bravado is met with an untimely death and shocking resurrection at the hands of the permanently bitchy "damsel in distress". He soon learns that she is anything but a damsel and that her hurried attempt to save his "stupid" life has bonded them together.

Without her, John turns back into a rotting corpse. Without him, Lilith loses access to her natural magic abilities. So they must endure their tentative relationship. Even as they deal with mysterious Merfolk bounty hunters out for Lilith's blood!

Lilith has been running for a long time. Is anywhere truly safe?

The Format

This story is meant to be told in full colored comic pages with a weekly page release schedule.

Future comics should adhere to this same format on different days with a prospective crossover in the distant future.

For said crossover to occur, at least three stories must be active and have completed their first story arcs.

Hopefully, through fan support, Vagrant Sage may be collected into physical issues and trade paperbacks.


As I said, I've been working on this universe for a very long time (it's earliest incarnation started in 2008) and I've worked out a lot of what is or isn't apart of it.

It works on the premise that most, if not all, legend and myth is true. At least to some degree. Not everything is exactly as it is in old books or oral traditions, but everything has a nugget of truth. Some things will be connected in strange and unusual ways (vampires originate in ancient Mesopotamia and werewolves have Norse origins).

So far I have a "creature compendium" where I write entries for all the different magical beings that inhabit the Sage-Verse as I research. I also have a collection of important figures, organizations, and magical objects (mostly weapons for now haha).

What Is Needed?

Presently the initial goal is to find an artist will to work with me to bring this series to life. If you are such a person or have other questions I can be contacted at:


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