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Valentine's Day - a Love Poem

Updated on September 5, 2013

Oh love do you remember

that hopeful gleam in my eyes

That first day of September,

the first day of our new lives?

I was sick of waiting

You were sick of her

Together we made misery

into something worth living for

Months have passed, but I recall

the beauty of that day

as summer drifted into fall

and love drifted into play

Slowly at first, and by surprise

it bound our hearts together

until, years later, it seems to me

we’ve been this way forever

I guess I’ll get to the point, my love,

and what I’m trying to say:

I can’t imagine life without you,

and Happy Valentine’s Day


This poem is about reminiscing on the good times while we were falling in love. Remembering that summer/fall always makes me smile in that private sort of way. It was just a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day - by remembering how we fell in love in the first place, and how finding each other irrevocably changed both our lives.

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