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Valentine's Day of Worship

Updated on February 13, 2014
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Born in Rhodesia and emigrated to South Africa 1982.2013 then emigrated to United Kingdom,where I run my own Locksmithing business.

Valentine Wish

Valentine a Special Day

Valentine a Special Day

A special rose on Valentine ’s Day,

Given for love in a special way,

Reveals the secret in one’s heart,

To cherish your love right from the start,

A love that will remain forever to stay,

And keep it as strong as it was the first day.

A Thought for You

Twelve red roses just for you,

Wish I could bring them through,

Something I would like to say,

Be my Valentine today,

Though you today I'll miss,

I can still send you a Valentine's wish.

A Red Day

I know it’s supposed to be a secret,

I guess I don’t quite care,

Since it is a day of,

A very rosy affair.

Of course there is a lot of,

Kisses in the air,

And everything’s a secret

Happy Valentine my lovely lass of flair.

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