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Valentines Message

Updated on May 17, 2017

Some might be happy holding their lover's hand

Or are in pain to see their beloved in the arms of another.

Someone could have been rejected after so much effort of trying to confess

Others could be in bliss after hearing the word "yes"

Some could be hitting the clubs tonight to make everything seem alright

Or some could have planned to end their unsteady life.

Someone could be looking at you; wishing to be with you

While you are doing the same thing with a person who will never be yours.

Some might have ended their horrible marriage life today,

While others are preparing to say their wedding vows a day after today.

Some husband could be making love with his mistress,

While his wife is having an orgasm with her ex.

(Geez! What a life this is)

Whatever it is that you are feeling,

Wherever you might be in this wide universe,

Whoever it may be that wish to be with,

I only have one lifetime wish...

May you in your finite time..

meet and part with the people you hold so dear...

get hurt and be happy...

cry and smile over the same fleeting emotion...

Be everything as it may...



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