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More Poetry From The Heart

Updated on March 6, 2015

Feelings such as love are very personal and as such should be honored with timeless acts of self. Poetry is one way many people often express these emotions.

All you need is love

The Beatles said it best: all you need is love.

For everyone who read my other blog Poetry From The Heart, thank you. For those who have not viewed my other blog mentioned above, if you enjoy what you read here, you should click or tap your way over there, as the two are both a showcase for my poetry in honor of the holiday.

As before, I want to give you a taste of some of my early work and some of my more recent. All works published are unedited, unaltered in any way from their archived format. Let me get started on some more love poetry.

1992 to 1995: Teenage Years


Like the red roses that blossom in the spring
You blossom right along with them
Like the white rose blossoms in the spring
Is how our love is growing.
White rose, my dear
You are my white rose
To hold and to cherish
Until the end of time.
The rose is born, and then it dies
But our love for each other shall only rise
Up and beyond the farthest reaches of human comprehension
And until I die, you shall forever be my one and true love
You have captured my heart, and I hope you will never let it go.
Let our love flow like the river through the valley
Let it shine like the brightest stars
Oh my beautiful white rose has blossomed
Into a beautiful thing that radiates so much love and joy
How would I be without you, my white rose
To brighten up my day.



Excitement you add to my life
My spirits always up around you
Without you life is dull
I don't want to live without you.
You add a ray of sunlight
To my otherwise cloudy day
When I'm feeling sad
It's because you are away.
I'm glad You appeared in my life
Late but at last you're here
I will always be there for you
Because my feelings for You are dear.
Leaving me would be tragic
For without you in my life
Would only be another battle
I Would need to fight to survive.
The soothing tone of your voice
The soft touch of your gentle hand
The passion in your eyes
Beside you I will stand.
Forever deep in my heart
You will stay and always be
There will always be a place
For you and me.

1996 to 2003: Military Years


From the first moment we met
I could see the fire burn in your eyes
Of a love I hadn't seen yet
This hidden passion lay deep inside
With nothing left but chance
I was willing to take the fall
But you caught me in your arms
When I needed you...
Most of all I ask
Could you be the one
That I've wanted for all time
Could you be the one
That wants only to be mine
I know it in my heart
And with this I know it's true
That when I think of forever, I see you.
With every passing moment
Our love grows stronger than before
Though I can not be there always
There is nothing I want more
Than to spend my every waking hour
With you by my side
And to know that from here to forever
You will be safe and always mine
Could you be the one
That I have wanted for all time
I want you to be the one, that wants only to be mine
I know it in my heart
And with this I know it's true
If I were to live a dream forever, it would be with you.


What dost thou say, will thou be thy Juliet?

For thine life is but a play, I need for someone more than thyself to finish this act

When people speak such words of forgetting

I can but not forget, for it is you that they ask to erase

Or dost thou beg to be erased?

Thine thoughts of your beuty will never be gone

Till thy lips have purged the righteousness of thee once again

Only then will my heart be free, to love thou, only as thine heart desires.

Forget, who could ask to forget

When the whole idea was equally shared

I play no ignorance to thee

Just ask to spend the grace of everyday with thee.



Hither the moon dances its golden light

Tonight amid the canopy of trees provide

That even while beneath the canopy

All is dark, keep but two small flames colored green.

As the fires burn closer, have the tree tops opened?

Allowing such radiant gems to be laden in so much gold?

But no, as wind gusts move between aged bark

No movement comes from the mesmerizing inferno

Yet golden rays begin waving like small banners behind these two sparkling, green spheres.

These beautiful lights now stare me down as unseen eyes in the darkness

Then seemingly from nowhere, two arms wrap about my neck

As the fires disappear, the sweetest, softest pair of lips touches mine

Golden locks fall

And I kiss unbidden, forever, the most beautiful woman to have entered my life.

2004 to 2010: Poetic Growth Years

What I would do for you

Would take not a dollar

Or a dime

What I want from you

Is just a bit of precious time

To spend together as we like

To fill the great divide

What I want to do for you

Close the gap with words and rhyme

Why we have each other

Is no accident or chance

Let us spend our days

In exciting glory and romance

Our terms will be just to have each other

The depth of our love

Come from deep within

A warmth among all else is above

Giving life to our beings

Spirits lifted higher than before

When you feel my love surround you

Your love surrounds me too

I cannot help myself, I want more

Amazing to behold

Your emotions will endure

I want right now to be a moment

A moment so full and pure

Of our love and our life

Let us forever hold each other close

When our time is spent apart

With you is where I long to be the most.

My love for you runs deep

As the lifeblood within my veins

To always remain devoted

To you, our families, our cause

Accept me whole, though I am flawed

Yet one thing remains perfect

Our love – never forget

My life, my heart and soul are with you

Forever, always to be true

All our hopes and dreams

Shall see reality

When we share this one life together.



We can be together forever
Holding each other all through the night
We could be forever together
Touching, kissing, holding close...oh it feels so right

I never want anybody else
Just need to have you all for myself
To feel your love all over my body
I want to rock your world
Tell me you love me
Let me show you
All that I can do
Show you how deep my love is really true
What more for you do I have to prove
Tell me, baby
For I want you to be my forever, no maybe
With all your love, you'll only hear me say
Come on honey, come and get me high
On you

We should be together forever
Loving each other all through the night
We should be forever together
Touching, kissing, holding close...oh it feels so right

You have my head spinning
All up in the clouds
On this high, I never want to come down
I give you eternity
Filled with all my love
As you are my everything
Beyond even the heavens above

Here I am, forever in love with you
What more can I say?
What more can I do?
No sacrifice is too big
For I would give anything
Just to have you
Forever, together.



My love is quick, question it not

For of purest devotion

My heart swoons upon the honor of one lady

Of likeness given thy fairest beauty

There is no equal

Her wit, sharp as the finest blade

Her love, boundless as the horizon

Her mind, solid as the faith with which she binds her heart to mine

My heart melts at sight of her

Emotion swarming over me

As many fingers from within, tickling my insides

So perfect against an imperfect world

She is cure for all ailments

Righteous is the love we share

Longing to have my angel forever by my side

To keep my heart and soul pure and filled with love

Endless are the days she brings sweet harmony into my life

Countless are the moments we will treasure together for always

Through passion and the thrill of love so grand

Our lives will be voluptuous

Complete and content with none more than ourselves

To share this life for all eternity.

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