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Poetry From The Heart

Updated on March 6, 2015

Feelings such as love are very personal and as such should be honored with timeless acts of self. Poetry is one way many people often express these emotions.

Love is in the air

I have been feeling this is an appropriate time to showcase a bit of my real love for writing: poetry. I find it very freeing, very open form, unconstrained from traditional writing. It allows me to express how I want, in the layout I find most suitable.

Here I shall begin to show the world my true side, the romantic in me. My writings have formed over 20 or so years of mostly writing poetry. Going through phases of love, loss, calm, and chaos, my poetry has taken an evolution, but rarely does more than one or a select handful of people ever have a chance to read my work, due to its personal nature. I am going to unleash over the next couple of days, from the depth of my heart, many of my pieces, unaltered, in their final form, as I had written them at that period in time.

Some of my earlier work will be introduced, which I have given time reference to. However, most of my poetic submissions to these blogs will be work from the last 10 years. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts. If this is a hit, I may decide to continue to post more of my work on a semi-regular basis.


He loves little who loves by rule.



Snow capped mountains on winters high
Tower up above the clouded sky
Shedding rays of hope, on what may be
Within this world of you and me.
Deep Within these cold confines
Lay riddling secrets, only mine
Reaching out, for to say
Hold me close though I am far away.
There in lies what shall begin
Only truth, unto the end
Take me from my misery
I am yours, and yours alone you see.
Here's my hand, now take my kiss
Upon your brow, upon your lips
Promises to thee my begotten love
From within my heart, and he above.
Forever further is the end
Least time is never-ending
Forever with you time will spend
Tells man to woman and woman to man, that their love shall never cease.



Tonight the light of the moon seems golden
A golden hue enshrouding seemingly blue sky
I can see her vision appear before me
Her hair flailing, and the fire burning within her eyes.
How is this possible? I think to myself
That she should be before me here tonight
When she is but thousands of miles apart from me now
Yet I can see her, clear as life.
The image reaches out to me, voicing my name in every call
Touching me, I can feel her soft, smooth skin once again
Shivering inwardly at the thought of what could be happening, the feelings come as warm instead of cool
I contain myself for only a moment longer.
With the touch of her face to my hand
I see that she is not a dream, but something real
Embracing her tight, she whispers out three joyous words, 'I love you',
And then begins to fade quickly into the night:

Startled at the suddenness of her leaving
She clenches the pillows tight, as she awakens suddenly
Feeling his warmth drift away into non-existence
Tears fill her eyes, her longing for him to come home is overwhelming.
It happened again, she begins to think
Was it really him, or just a dream?
For it felt so real, being there in his arms
I wish that he would come home soon to be here with me.

Standing there alone in the darkened night
I think about the event in question
When will the visions no longer appear again?
How much longer until they find their peace?
Resuming my observations of the night
I envision her beautiful face, though it is not as clear as before
'I'm coming home soon my love,'
I whisper into the night, and the last of all vision vanishes
As I drift softly into sleep.
Only when her soul and mine touch again, will we finally be at peace.



Another day, another hour
Slips soundly by without her call
A word less spoken
An only token
Through which thy heart may fall.
Thy heart though grows now ever fonder
Seems of worlds only but further yonder:
What shall I do about thy fairest maiden
Who's shapely form is topped in rich, thick laden
To whom thy passions reach beyond her.
Thy eyes of shades of fairest hue
Seek her heart, that of richest gold
She has only to find out what is true
And what is false, of that which is told.
Mixing done of all that is
And all that will ever be
Is only found within my heart
To be given out to thee.

2000 - 2015

With star lit hue, upon pale breast

Night danced on the shade of two lovers

In the moonlight she was pure

As golden strands of hair brushed against smooth skin

Her form kept riding through the night

Surrendering her to the delights of her maker

Keeping pace, man and wife glide into ecstasy

Together, holding each other close, warm

Passionately seeking the warmth they discover

When love submits to pleasure and pain

To rise again, their body's intertwined

Releasing raw emotion upon themselves

In worship of their love.


She appears

Filled with purpose

One woman

One world

One life

Knowing what she wants


Piercing hearts of men

Sorting through overwhelming odds

Finding her prince

One and true

Love's calling

Romance beyond likes of mythical creation

She knows not where

Only it exists

Tonight she walks

Among visions in his head

Vivid delusion

Discovering her there

Will she find what she pursues

In him?


With each moment that passes by

Love grows stronger, emotion runs deep

Unable to contain this raw feeling

A touch, caress, warm hug, passionate kiss

Most intimate acts

No written word can ever portray

My feelings for you – my partner, my lover

My confidante and best friend

Not even darker moments could possibly

Overshadow the way I feel for you

The strength and conviction of my love

Is my promise every day

That with love and respect

I will care, provide and protect

I look forward to each new moment

Now and forever

With you

Even when we are old

Our love, our bond stronger than anything

Inseparable, impenetrable forces

As we take on the world

And our lives



What love is, doth make my heart in circles turn

Winged creatures about my insides do fly

Sensation felt in my souls deepest parts do lie

An angel in thy life for love yearns

Taking in your body



Heat from within

In waves, measurable

Taste of such sweet innocence

In splendor, washed of all mortal sin

On exhale, of you

I take a hit again

Forbidden pleasures, through us, so real

Irresistible conviction ignites our souls

Of bliss and passion, warmth and affection

Everything we live for, our solid foundation

Our story, through generations will be told.

Valentine's Day 2009

With softest touch, a gentle sigh

Looking deep in each other’s eye

Appears something there not seen before...

Holding close

Hand in hand

One woman and man

They embrace




Words need not convey


Without restraint


Lips unite


Hands feel


Bodies press


An unbridled moment


Two lives forever


How do you enjoy poetry the most:

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    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Beautiful poems fir die hard lovers

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      I love all of these poems Patrick. Each has it's own special appeal, but the "Ghosts of Love" was something special. I may also share some of my love poems for Valentine's day. Thanks for the reminder. Voted up.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 

      4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Interesting. Well written and conveys the spirit. Voted up and shared.


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