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Values Of Parent Part 1

Updated on October 8, 2011

Growing up understanding the value of a parent is very hard to some children because every children have different set of idea and thinking when it comes to valuing a parent. Some children dislike their parent because their parent has been very bossy and quite abusive at some point of their life. Some have been felt dishonored by their parent because their parent has been nosy in some part of their life or getting into their children business when the child need their own personal space as they get older. But because our parent have been doing this during some part of our life we must honor them for what they have given us. What they have given is priceless. You are the pupil of their eyes and know matter how much you hate them or they say they hate you, they will always love and worry about you 24/7.

Some children doesn’t see the values of their parent because they are still mindless. Some are being part blind because they have an attachment. Their attachment can be anything that make them see less value of their parent. These attachment can lead to children bad behaviors. They will forget about everything their parent taught them and the worst is they even forget their own parent. These are in fact the problem that each and every parent are feared of everyday. Afraid their child would grow up to be a bad person. You can go around asking all the good parent out there, what would be the best gift for their children? Having them in jail or living a wondrous life? Every parent that I know and don’t know wish to see their child grow up getting married and have a great family. I am not married yet, but I’m engage. My mother beg me to get married as soon as possible but if financial is still a problem, I will not get married because I believe that financial will force me into divorce. I want my life to be stable to prepare me to have a family of my own. I’m 22 but I think like I’m in my late 30s…and I got that from being friends with too many old people…but that’s another story. Like I said, parent want their kids to get married and have children before their dying and having to see their children grow up living a good life; they are really happy.

There are many, many important facts that parent should be valued. There is so many that words cannot say it all. They give you life, they feed you, they care for you, they support you, they put you in front of them, they are the shelter or an armor of your life and they are about everything that I cannot say all. My parent is stupendous! I love them so much that every product in the world or any new invention cannot compare to the love, the strength, the power, the faith, the hopes, the dreams, the values of life that they have given me to grow up and see how beautiful and how devil life can be. And have you ever in your life asked yourself what is the true meaning of a mother or a father? Is it just the love that she has given? Or is there more? I believe that not a lot of children would waste their time asking such question like this. But for I, I asked myself this many time. Many people have considered their mother as a person who raise us because it is her duty, but not that its her duty, but it is what that comes directly from her heart. Every little decision she made and she does is something not for her own sake and it is not because of duty but from her heart. Everyone know that mother love their children, care for their children, stay beside their children, but what is it that a mother been through to make us here today? She been through more than what you think and the reason why I know because I live my mother life. I came to realization at 15 and learn what my mother have been through after she gave birth to my young sister. I analyze her situation and my father life during my mother pregnancy and after giving birth.

I close my eyes and thought about my younger life and situation that I have been through with my mother. She has always been a best friend to me and stay beside me during my need. She had always put me first before her. When times I get cold she use her body heat to keep me warm, when we go through times of starvation she rather let me eat and cherish me. When times danger come she was the armor to my life. She shield me from all bullets and harm that gets in my way and this is what named mother a hero.

During the months of pregnancy that she had carried you in her womb, she have morning sickness and many choice of food that she wished to eat but sicken her by the smell and refuse to eat at some point of the time. Sometime in the night she gets really tired and less of sleep because of back pain. You get heavier each day when you grow in her womb but she continue to carry you until times that you are due. From days to night she kept tossing and turning, being very careful wherever she go because she’s afraid that something might harm her unborn baby. She rub her stomach and talk to you once in a while as if you can hear and understand her. She painfully felt your kick, your tossing, and turning in her womb. She’s hurt but never complain. She only smile and keep on rubbing her stomach.

When the day has come due to the due date, she’s ready to see you. Both ready and scared all at the same time because she just never know what will happen. During the time of your birth she felt like the one who cross the ocean searching for a safe place to land. If she fall at some point of the journey, she will drown and die. Pushing all of her mighty strength to take you out of her womb to see the light. Some mother didn’t make it and some mother did. The unlucky one died which can be both mother and baby or mother itself. Sometime she could lose her baby and that is the worst news a mother could ever know.

After she gave birth to you she was so happy and her pain was forever gone. Her happiness have replace her pain and nothing are more better or unique than having her baby in her arm. Tears of happiness has shed as she kissed you. After home from the hospital she did everything she could possibly do to get you out of germs since baby can get easily sick. She wrap you in a soft blanket to keep you warm and let you nibble on her nipple to suck the milk from her breast. Even though her breast was swell and aching, she still let you drink it to keep your strong and healthy. Very carefully, she place you next to her and sang a lullaby for you to sleep. Less night of sleep from your cries but still she rise and gave you what you needed till you are grown.


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi KhmerKrom and lyn, thank you so much for commenting. @lyn, I am so happy that things your parent taught you, you will forever be memorize. You know what I realize? I don't have kids or children, but I seem to use the same strategy that my parent taught me to teach my sister. It's weird...especially when I say I'm not going to use it but i use it anyway... :)

    • lyns profile image

      lyns 6 years ago from USA

      This is so true awesome, parenting is a job we can never resign from nor do we want to, I miss both my parents dearly the things they taught me will forever be in my heart, mind, and soul, thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful hub, have a good one, I gave it accordingly.

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Thank you Ruby! :)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Chanroth, A wonderful tribute to Motherhood. You will feel this love even more when you conceive. Thank you for sharing your talent...Cheers

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi thelyric, that's some sweet words you have got for me! Thank you! You are an intelligent writer as well! Top talented. I have read many of your hub and they are wondrous and beautiful. You can play with words very well. May I bless you with luck, prosperity, and everything else that benefit you through out your life. Thank you! :0)

    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 6 years ago from West Virginia

      Very well done Chanroth. You are a master of literature. You are correct. When we are kids, we just don't realize it and we totally don't know the world like we thought. I didn't grow up until my 20s, closer to mid 20s. I was just blind. My mother has always meant the world to me. You make great points and I agree 100%. Well done. If I may add, congrats on all your accomplishments. It is truly awesome. I cam only imagine if my lyrics or poems were published, just how happy I would be. To have a steady stream of income from the family and to be able to write worry free, it would be great. Although, worries, trouble, and life is where all my work has come from. Anyway, great job and way to make it count. You are very talented Chanroth and good luck with all your future projects. Sincerely.