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Vampinore: IX - Victor

Updated on August 19, 2016

Behind The Red Door

Is the second vampire I will meet on this new journey. Thinking back, before Lily raps her knuckles against the door, I would have never imagined meeting even a real vampire, let alone become a Scribe to one. Itching away inside my skull, I have this doubt that I can live up to this role.

My thought breaks at the first knock of several. I can see more energy building in Lily. Excitedly she anticipates reuniting with an old friend. From what Lily explained on the way over here, it’s very rare for vampires to meet, due to the dangers of being found by the ultimate hunter himself – of whose name I lack the knowledge.

The more vampires that draw together, apparently they emit a psychic scent – the ethereal energy – that the Hunter they fear seems to “smell”. A night like this is a slight risk, but a risk nevertheless. It’s all about the “Unveiling”. I don’t know exactly what it is as of yet, but I’m sure I will learn the more I talk with other vampires. How many there are, I also lack such knowledge, but assured as I am, I’ll be chronicling my encounters.


Greets us as the door opens – a shorter, slender being than Lily. Donning long, curly, bright red hair – not dyed red, but vibrant and fierce, from which I’ve been told is also her nature. Her eyes lock immediately into the gaze of Lily. A bloody grin pulls up high on her face – pure happiness through a sanguine smile. They embrace tightly without a single word spoken. Their tight grasps, their traveling fingertips, their release of breaths from the past, all of it led to the climatic giggle both exclaimed in unison.

“The last few decades felt like centuries since I last saw you, sister,” said Nikita, full of excitement.

“My dearest Nikita, you always look radiant,” said Lily running her fingers through her hair.

Nikita pops up on her tiptoes and glances over at me. “And who is this lovely creature? A new toy?”

Before I could answer the awkward question, Lily replied, “This is Victor, my new Scribe, and I brought him here to meet you.”

Wide-eyed and wide-jawed Nikita returned to her heels with her gazed fixed back on Lily. “Is it time?”

“I can’t tell you how, but I can tell you that I feel it,” said Lily.

Nikita hopped up and down in elation to the news. “Please! Both of you come in! We have so much to talk about and so much to drink to!”

In Her Den

Upon an antique-looking red leather couch we sit across from Nikita. She drinks from a very old-looking goblet.

“That looks like a relic,” I said.

“Ooooo! What a lovely voice,” she giggled. “This is from the thirteenth century. It was a gift from a nobleman in Eastern Europe. It’s fun to take those in power and make them your slaves.”

She gracefully glides onto her side on her couch, keeping her drink steady, and propping up her head with a hand lost in her flowing red hair. Her energy is almost unbearable, but also refreshing. Her smile is seductive and playful, with sharp canines at the ready behind her blushing lower lip.

“I’m sure you’ve made many slaves as of late in the area,” says Lily with her own grin. “I could tell from the strange blackouts lately that you might be around.”

Nikita breaks out laughing, admitting her guilt and enjoyment for something she did.

“Five fine gentlemen and I broke them all!” she exclaims.

I presume to know what I think she means, but I don’t quite get what it has to do with blackouts. It isn’t long before Nikita stops laughing and gawks at me in expression of surprise.

“Does he not know?” asks Nikita to Lily.

“Know what?” I ask.

Lily turns to me. Her mouth wishes to speak but her body forces her to inhale. I feel as her Scribe, I’m about to learn a vampire secret.

“You know how I can read you very well?” Lily asks. “When one becomes a vampire, a certain talent becomes unlocked. An undiscovered ability, this new skill is acquired without training, but does require some discipline.”

Nikita giggles and lets her words slide from between her lips seductively, “Some of us can use our power to discipline others.” She winked and briefly chuckles before sipping on her goblet.

My eyes locked on Nikita, but my ears were receiving Lily as I heard her say, “Her power is of electromagnetic energy. She is at heart pure lightning and can control the vibration in the atmosphere around her.”

I nodded, but couldn’t take my stare off Nikita slowly rolling the tip of her tongue around the rim of the goblet, letting the wine glaze over her taste buds, and then drawing it back into her smiling mouth. The air felt still and numb. My heart thrusted against my breastplate and my limbs warmed with blood – all of my limbs.

“And my power is one of psychic energy – telepathy,” said Lily. “As I can read your mind and all the animalist things you wish to do to Nikita right now.”

Snapping awake from a daydream, I whipped my head around to Lily with a look that I can only presume was one of admitted guilt, but I couldn’t control my thoughts. Oh, god! Did I offend Lily? Has she been reading my thoughts all this time? Or was I obvious with my stare?

“No need to panic, my young Scribe,” said Lily. “Nikita should be renowned through history for her high sexual drive. Combined with her power, she can charge that within a man or woman that she wants to fancy her.”

Astounded and intrigued by what I learned, my thoughts raced back to the start of it all to find some grounding – to ask a question worth asking. I could have gone into the scientific details of how it all works, but instead I went with the most novice, brazen question I could ask, “So, tell me how you found her with the electrical blackouts.”

Lily slyly grinned and glanced over at Nikita, who popped up from her seat, hands and drink held high in the area and shouted, “A most delicious orgasm!”

Laughter broke out between the two as I sat there seemingly both inept and vampirically-prepubescent. They both embraced again in joy of their reunited sisterhood. My smile was more attempting than sincerity, for my insecurities overshadowed my content like the morning fog over a patch of wildflowers.

Lily turned to me and noticed my indifferent posture. She seated herself by me and further explained, “One of the easiest ways to track Nikita that I know of is reading about mysterious rolling blackouts.”

“Rolling blackouts?” I asked.

“She means when I have rolling orgasms,” boasted Nikita with an even bigger smile. “When a human gets me in the sweet spot, and I lose control, so does the grid of where ever I am!” Nikita continued to laugh whole-heartedly.

In Her Eyes

I saw something trying to work its way inside of me. I felt something – a lust, a desire to conquer that I’ve never felt before. I can say I’m no unfamiliar to the sexual world, but that’s with humans. This felt beyond, and it was merely a stare, penetrating deep inside of mind and my blood. The world around my view of her grew dimmer and dimmer. There was nothing left except those eyes laying siege to my soul. Bright white, but irises as dark as a starless night, I could see the veins in her eyes begin to fill with the blood she craves. The intensity broke a sweat from every pore. My breaths were deeper and drawn out. Goosebumps on my skin arose in patterns begging for her caress over them with those soft fingers. I yearned for their touch upon me.

Cold fingers running through my hair, rubbing the back of my neck.

Edges of sharpened nails gently scratching down my chest and stomach.

Tight grasps of her hands around my hips.

Her warm breath gliding over my inner thighs.

I moan loudly and open my eyes . . . to the bright light of the room – the silence of the moment – the gawking of my company. I . . . I . . . was I in a trance? Was I imagining those feelings? Were they projected upon me? How do I respond to the astounded faces of Nikita and Lily? I’ve embarrassed myself too much!

“Shh! Shh! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” soothingly came from Lily. “It’s alright, my Scribe, nothing to fear or feel coy about. You were conjoining. You were conjoining with Nikita.”

“And let me tell you, that it was very intense for me as well,” said a deep-breathing Nikita.

“Conjoining?” I asked as I gathered my composure, still bowled over by the experience.

“A rare event between a human and one of us,” said Lily. “You connected with Nikita on a level not many of your kind can. You absorbed a bit of her power and personality into yourself and reflected it back. This is extraordinary!”

“Yes, you made me diddle myself,” straightforwardly said Nikita. “Not like Lily’s seen me diddle myself in front of company before, but I had no control this time.” Nikita began to clap in amusement. “It’s like sitting on your hand until it’s numb of feeling and . . .”

“Nikita, that’s unnecessary at this present moment,” said Lily, cutting her off. “You, Victor, you do exert something special. And it’s happening rather quickly. Quicker than it should! This means we need to move just as expeditiously, but as equally hidden – for HE might follow!”

“What’s happening and who is this hunter you’ve mentioned?” I asked.

“Oh, dear moon, is he coming for us?” asked Nikita in a panic to Lily.

“No, not yet! But we must keep our wits about ourselves,” replied Lily. “Let’s rest for the remainder of the night. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss, we’ll teach, and we’ll plan.”

“To find the Arks?” asked Nikita.

Lily’s eyes snapped over to me, then slowly moved back to Nikita, followed by a slight nod. Discussing? Teaching? Planning? Conjoining? A hunter and an Unveiling? Too many questions for me, but nothing more intriguing than: “What did she mean by the Arks?”


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