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Vampire Academy Series by: Richelle Mead

Updated on January 3, 2011

I am finished with all three of the Vampire Academy books. There is one more, but it is not out in audio format, so I won't read that until it is. I only listen to the audio books, I download them from Audible and upload them onto my iTouch. The only time I get to listen to them is during my hour and a half commute to and from work. So when you hear me talk about these books you will often hear me talk about their voices, or other things that wouldn't be relevant to book "readers".

The Vampire Academy series is read from Rose Hathaways perspective. Rose is a dhampire, training to be a guardian at St. Vladimir's Academy. A dhampires is half vampire and half human, and they are trained at the Academy to guard Moroi Vampires from Strigoi Vampires. Moroi are good vampires, who have the ability to wield special magic. Strigoi are bad vampires, who like to kill humans and Moroi. There are a few other differences between Moroi and Strigoi, first Moroi are able to tolerate some sun light, and they live a mortal life, while Strigoi, are undead, not alive, and not dead, and they CAN NOT go into the sun. Mead took an interesting stance here, creating two species out of one, and it seemed very thought out. I really enjoyed that division of vampires.

In this series Rose and her best friend, Lissa, who is a Royal Moroi, have to fight to ward off Strigoi as well as her Royal "friends". This series outlines those battles and the trials and tribulations that go along with High School, Magic, Strigoi, Royal Moroi, and various other peculiar situations you could think of.

I have finished all book, and in record time, probably about a week and a half to read these 3 books, and I really enjoyed them.  There are things that make me want to roll my eyes due to the juvenile nature of the books, but overall it didn't bother me enough to stop reading (obviously).

The plot and how all the characters interact, and how Mead uses her characters are very well thought out and put together. There are some pretty exciting moments in the series and it kept me interested. the fight scenes are some of my favorite, and the bond between Rose and Lissa really helps push the books along easily and seamlessly.  

The characters are also all very well described, and I can get a really good idea of the "type" of person each one was. I will tell you right now though, at this point in the series, I am sooo over Dimitri. I wish she would forget about him. I get that he is the one that brings that naughty type romance to the book, but I think I could do without all of the I love Dimitri stuff. I would love to see Rose with Adrian Ivoshkov. Which by the way has his own facebook page (here) - I just learned! :) However I do love that Lissa is with Christian.

Their are some very creative ways the author has used magic and the paranormal. The bond is a great way to get into two characters heads in one pop. I love it. The use of "spirit" is also very creative and intriging to think about.

All in all these books are pretty good, and I would recommend them to anyone who would like a good read. I have written some more detailed reviews on my blog - Vampire Books. It contains some spoilers so read with caution! :)


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    • tyeslater6 profile image


      7 years ago from MN

      I love these books. I just came here to hub and wrote a book review on another series of her's

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Ugh.... Who said this author created two species out of one? Moroi and Strigoi are two antique Romanian mythological creatures. Strigoi are immortal. Moroi are mortal. It's not like this author came up with these over night. I know this is nonfiction but... I can't stand it when authors twist uncommon, non-mainstream folklore. Then, the mythology being new to the reader, is completely misunderstood, learned incorrectly. =\ La Revedere young readers! Do your research before going off the nonfiction book!


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