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Vampire Books for Teens / Young Adults

Updated on March 21, 2011

Flashback.... to 1994

When I was a teenager, I fell madly in love with Stefan (and Damon, kinda) in LJ Smith's The Vampire Diaries. Yes, the books are that old, from before Twilight became the big craze, and long before The Vampire Diaries became a t.v. drama.

Thanks to Twilight, there is now a slew of vampire novels and series on the bookshelves.

I hope you will fall in love with them as madly as I did back in the '90s.


The Vampire Diaries Series: LJ Smith

These books describe what happens when Elena, a teenaged high school beauty, meets two vampire brothers (Stefan and Damon) who symbolize good and evil.

The books were written by LJ smith in the 90s, before vampire books really became very popular. She wrote many other supernatural teen books after this series. Many of them, including this series, are now being republished, and the series has been turned into a television drama.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series: Various Authors

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels are based off the t.v. show and are written by various authors.

The books feature Buffy, a teen who is found to be the Chosen One. She is a vampire slayer and gets rid of them with the helps of her friends.

She has an intense relationship with Angel, a demon-vampire alone in the world.

The Twilight Series: Stephanie Meyer

These are the books that re-started the vampire craze.

Written in 2005, Twilight did not become a stellar hit until about 2008.  It has an almost cult-like following in teenaged girls.

It tells  of a teenaged girl, Bella, who falls in love with a vampire, Edward.  Edward, were he to follow his love, would destroy her by turning her into a vampire as well.

The four books tell the story of the development of their relationship as both struggle to survive.

The House of Night Series: P.C. and Kristin Cast

This series of books features a teenager named Zoey. Zoey is “marked” by a vampyre, which means that she too will become one soon. She becomes more powerful than anyone expected.

In these books, vampyres are normal in society, though outcast. They are trained in The House of Night, where they get their education.

Vampyrism is a genetic “problem,” and the victims are outcast. Religious people try to “pray it out” of people.

Zoey learns to deal with Aphrodite, another powerful vampyre, all the while falling in love with Erick, Aphrodite’s ex.

The Vampire Kisses Series: Ellen Schreiber

Vampire-obsessed Goth girl, Raven falls in love with Alex. She becomes fixated on finding the truth about him, as she suspects he is a vampire and can make her lifelong dream of becoming one come true.

This series of books is also being published as manga graphic novels, which seems to help reluctant readers become more interested in the series.

The Vampire Academy Series: Richelle Mead

Rose, half-human and half-vampire, and her friend Lissa, a mortal vampire princess, have been on the run for two years, escaped from St. Vladimir’s Academy.

They are caught and brought back to the academy, where they must attempt to stay safe while dealing with real life teen problems of peer-pressure, gossip, etc.

Companions of the Night: Vivian Vande Velde

When Kerry saves Ethan from men who are trying to kill him, the men insist Ethan is a vampire and that she will regret helping him.

Indeed, he is a vampire and a rather untrustworthy one as well.

She helps him out while he lies to her.   In the end, she makes a very mature decision, even though she is, of course, madly besotted with him.

The Silver Kiss: Annette Curtis Klause

Zoe’s mother has cancer and her father won’t let her help him out at her bedside.  She feels alone and misunderstood until she meets Simon, who seems to understand her.

Simon is a vampire whose mother was killed by a supernatural being.  Zoe decides to help Simon in avenging the death of his mother.

The Evernight Series: Claudia Gray

Bianca goes to school at the elite Evernight  Academy for vampires.  She is there against her choice, but her parents have recently begun teaching there.

Bianca, feeling like an outsider amongst the rich and the beautiful, falls in love with Lucas, also an outsider, who is trying to find out the secret behind the school.

The two of them also have secrets they keep hidden from each other, and these will try their love.

Sucks To Be Me: Kimberly Pauley

Sixteen-year-old Mina needs to make a big decision: stay mortal or become a vampire.

Her parents are both vampires, as are many other family members, and they are most definitely trying to persuade her to join the undead.

Mina is more concerned with being with her best friend and with trying to get a date to the prom.

This books is a humorous take on the teenage vampire novel.


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    • sammyfiction profile image

      Sammy 7 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for publishing this hub - there are so many vampire books out now you just can't tell how credible some are. I have read all the house of night and "twilight" books and the whole vampire genre just gets me everytime!

      :) Thanks, SF

    • profile image

      heatherhale2007 7 years ago

      I'm reading Vampire Diaries now, and I have to say...I'm a serious Damon fan! lol Stefan is sweet and all, but Damon...Mmm! hahaha And I LOVE the tv series!

    • MoRita profile image

      MoRita 7 years ago from IL

      Thanks! I'll look into those and maybe add them on here. I appreciate the suggestion and your reading my page :0)

    • profile image

      jenny 7 years ago

      night world by l j smith should be here! Good list tho