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Vampire Kisses Review

Updated on March 24, 2016


Main Characters:

Raven Madison- Our main, goth protagonist. Raven cherishes her individuality and is a strong female role in this darkly inclined romantic series. The wondrous girlfriend to Alexander Sterling, best friend to Becky Miller, and life long rival to Trevor Mitchell.

Alexander Sterling- The eldest son of an artistic vampire family. After escaping an arranged marriage, Alexander hid away in his family's mansion on Benson Hill in Dullsville; the same mansion Raven had broken into as a child. When he spotted Raven dressed up as a tennis player, trick or treating at the mansion one Halloween night, Alexander was love struck.

Becky Miller- Raven's best friend who one would not think to be based on how opposite the two appear. Eventually, after Raven began dating Alexander, Becky started dating Trevor's ex-friend, Matt Wells.

William (Billy) Madison- Raven's younger "normal" brother. A nerdy kid who spends his time hanging out with his friend, Henry, and playing computer games. Later on, he befriended young Valentine Maxwell and set his eyes on Alexander's younger sister, Athena.

Secondary Characters:

Trevor Mitchell- A rich, blonde boy who has made Raven the center of negative attention since they were in elementary school. Ever since Raven had mentioned she wanted to be a vampire when she grew up, Trevor has set his sights on making Raven's life a living hell. Until jealousy arose, exposing his true feelings for her.

Matt Wells- Trevor's friend who had grown tired of Trevor's tiresome games of torturing the two main girls of the story. After leaving Trevor's side, Matt swept Becky off her feet and became close friends with the odd trio.

Sebastian Camden- A childhood friend of Alexander who instantly took a liking to Raven and Becky, eventually admitting he had feelings for Becky. After encountering defeat, Sebastian gave his wary heart over to Luna Maxwell.

Athena (Stormy) Sterling- The youngest Sterling sibling with an attitude. Unlike her calm older brother, Athena has a bite to her step that makes Raven wary at first, leaving her wondering if Athena likes her. Stormy makes her appearance at the end of this series.

Jagger Maxwell- The eldest Maxwell sibling. Jagger holds tightly to the grudge his family has over the Sterlings due to Alexander's backing out of marrying Luna all those years ago. Jagger uses his manipulative personality against Raven to get closer to Alexander and wreck his new life with Raven.

Luna Maxwell- The middle child of the Maxwells who was actually born human. Jagger and Luna were envious of each other's lives. Luna wanted to catch up with what she was missing of the night life and Jagger wanted to play soccer in broad daylight; hence his affiliation with Trevor, leading Luna to attract Trevor. In a one night bite, Luna was transformed into a vampire with no strings attached. Yearning for true love, Luna set forth with her older brother to trick Alexander back into her arms.

Valentine Maxwell- As the youngest Maxwell sibling, Valentine has always wanted a place to belong, always wanted friends of his own. Valentine lived a lonely life before tracking his older siblings to Dullsville and meeting Billy Madison. In result of his arrival, Valentine managed to stir up more drama in the lives of the gothic couple.

Plot Summary

In the small population of Dullsville, a gothic mansion stands on Benson Hill. A common breaking and entering point of seventeen year old Raven Madison. When rumor gets around that a new, pale face has moved into the creaky building, Raven jumps to her favorite conclusion: vampires. Not too long after, Raven fell in the love with the boy who lives in the mansion; Alexander Sterling, the eldest son to a vampire family who travels the world as artists.

Sadly, the world of vampires isn't just the dark romance Raven had always imagined. In the cobweb traced corners, lies hidden secrets and past regrets among many other vampires in Alexander's life. A betrayed betrothal, a disgraced family name, and running away have led the two to cross paths in a love story that makes the dark beautiful.

Vampire Kisses- First Novel
Vampire Kisses- First Novel | Source
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Vampire Kisses Dance with a Vampire Fourth Novel
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Vampire Kisses Cryptic Cravings Eighth Novel
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Vampire Kisses Immortal Hearts Ninth Novel
Vampire Kisses Immortal Hearts Ninth Novel | Source


Ellen took a common scenario among the gothic community: falling in love with a darkly gifted, beautiful creature of the night. She took this common idea and dipped it in the sweetest of chocolate that was surrounded with the muskiest of aromatic black candles. Schreiber's work avoids the cliché of forbidden love and takes the turn of adventure.

With other aspects of alternative life, Vampire Kisses creates a movie in the reader's head that is more vivid every time one reads the story. This romance series can touch the hearts of anyone, the age does not matter nor does the gender.

The constant conflict tugs at the hearts strings of the characters and the readers as the main protagonists' love life is continuously challenged. Yet, even after the obstacles and struggles, Raven and Alexander come out on top and hand in hand.

In the end, this story is one bite away from eternal remembrance and cherishment among the hearts of avid readers.


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