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Van Gogh's "Essence" (Sweetest Home)

Updated on September 1, 2015
Sweetest Home: Nowhere and Everywhere
Sweetest Home: Nowhere and Everywhere | Source





I feel your breath tender on my cheeks,

Smell your skin warm on my breasts.

I hate to stir,

But you get up and out to work.

I hate to see you!

Off for the day.



I hear your jeep my heart leaps,

I spray on your favorite perfume,

Brush my hair, ready.

The best part of the day:

Body meeting spirit, yearning ending

Man and woman, primal, soft Reality.


You make me

The way I make you

Receiving and giving

Giving, receiving,

Alive---living, flowing …

It just is.

The way is quiet, sweet and simple.


Quiet dinners

Quiet walks, quiet talks,

Two hearts

(---strike that out---)

Two bodies, one heart


Naked, shameless, timeless ecstasy

Shared in deepest of trust and understing

No words, no names, just Being.


Home is not a house

Made of bricks,

Made of bodies


This home, nowhere and everywhere,

Does not exist on the physical plane.

To find this home, sweetest home

Know the “solid” from the Real.


Only in Spirit, are minds made One.


Forever elusive to the human eye.

The heart’s well-known secret?


… intimate, boundless and free.”



A sandy beach so perfect ...
A sandy beach so perfect ... | Source

Forever elusive to the human eye ...


"Love is something eternal. The aspect may change, but not the essence."

- Van Gogh


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