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Vanessa Williams' - Personification

Updated on February 9, 2012


Vanessa Williams (2011)
Vanessa Williams (2011) | Source

Empowerment. What personifies you empowers you.

My walk personifies my determination. I walk alone in my mind as I seek to conquer the impossible. I have shed my guilt and I am weightless as I drift up ward into the unknown and embrace it with a smile.

I was uncertain about my future for a long time then I cast all my cares upon the Lord who became my strength-my crutch-my might. I welcome adversity with this grimace, preparing to take each blow as a remedy to numbness I harbor inside. I chose logic over emotion and my tears are personified by hope.

I become a masterpiece each day as I take on the world and its aggression; I am sculptured from tears and miry clay. I gleam like a light and hard as diamonds- I am impenetrable, as I hold my stance; while the winds seek to destroy my pose. A super hero or a villain; it all depends on who is watching-I fly away into the sunset and the theme song plays.

The music in my head personifies my heart. Its rhythm is a monument to my character. I chose the settings and I chose my path. I am led by ability to not fear. This personifies me. I am driven by an authority that already knows my fate. I am the pawn who fears free will. This personification of my existence is necessary to remind me that I am able to command change

. I love the view from here- I see the stars and all the mountains seem so small. These landmarks are personified by nature and the naturalness of my world help personify me. So plain and yet so grand I await my chance to be unleashed upon the world. I will smile and judge not and love and never forget- the personification- the process- the creation of myself.


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      Roxane Duhon 3 years ago

      Beautiful thoughts .....