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Vanessa Williams'-Walking

Updated on May 15, 2013

Slowly I am walking.

My tears have wet my collar and as the wind blows.

I am cold.

I am walking through the mess that I have made. Every now and again I stump my toe on a lie, or a promise that I have told or broken.

The chards of all of my creations cut my hands as I try to pick them up.

No hope, that is what I felt only a few minutes ago; yet, I am still walking.

In the distance I see a light. It dances across the horizon like a whore on a saturday night. Yet, I sense an innocence. The red and yellow beams add color to my journey.

I gave my body away so many times to beggars and thieves. I aided in my own deflowering. They gave me false hope, and made me feel sexy and free. When the sun arose, they had left me.

Then the earthquakes came and my life began to shake and rock. Everything fell down and my soul was lost. My character was slayed and my ego bruised.

The only thing that comes from from sex with no love is the feeling of being used.

I kept walking trying to find relief. I kept walking even when the blood flowed from my feet. I kept walking when the sun set a thousand times all around me.

I am still walking.

I am walking; I am trying to be break free.

In my mind I was a queen, I was sly and cunning. I was a fairy and a saint. I was dainty but always complained. Never understood the potential of what I was to be. No one was ever good enough for me.

The grass is like razors, and I keep falling to my knees. Not by sight! No! Not by sight. I know; I know, that I have to believe.

I close my eyes and take each step then I am back on my knees. I hear them enjoying life all around me.

So I am walking towards the light trying to make my life right.

I am repenting as I am walking;

I am crying and I am walking.

I am praying and I am walking.

I am walking and talking to God.

I am full sorrow but I am full of hope.

I am full of pain but I am full of hope.

I am full of mistakes but I am full of hope.

I am full of hurt but I am full of hope.

I am full of tears but I am full of hope.

I am full of stress but I am full of hope.

I am full of heartache but I am full of hope.

I am full of sin but I am full of hope.

I am walking;

I cannot stop walking I have to make this right- I have to walk until the end. I cannot stop stop walking even if it means leaving all my family and friends.

Do not stop walking; always be walking; make the wrongs right. My path is straight and narrow and I have no room to turn around; I will keep walking as long as I can feel the ground.


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