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The Day Chucky Greene Died

Updated on February 1, 2013

Ferns droop, rubber trees lean,

palms hang their heads in

the corner, vines tumble, and

dead leaves dance to “Rain

Down on Me” crackling from

a radio (this hour’s gospel

sponsored by the Vernon Brown

Funeral Home) while I weep

for Chucky Greene, a noble

nobody who overdosed on heroin.

Rainbows and shadows strut up

and down walls, flit past

Post-It notes and compost piles

of files, rest a while

then vanish through mini-blinded

windows. I can’t predict safe places

for my students and their

vaporous lives, safe steps for

their black, high-top Chucks, but

Chucky Greene has overdosed on

Heroin. I pray God looks

for scars and hears the

ballads of tears and hope

that it’s still possible to

find Him in a garden.


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