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Velvet Carlyle's Revenge-Chapter Three- The Chilling Conclusion !

Updated on September 8, 2013
Velvet Carlyle is finally getting her revenge........those who mess with her do so with a very................HIGH PRICE!
Velvet Carlyle is finally getting her revenge........those who mess with her do so with a very................HIGH PRICE!

Velvet Carlyle and Her Infernal Pact

Then a Slavic looking, mahogany haired burnished peach tan complected woman with piercing turquoise eyes started to walk towards Imre and Montgomery. Imre tried numerous times to turn the lamp on but to no avail. Even Montgomery was starting to become frightened. They froze in their tracks.

Imre and Montgomery did not see anything at first but they sensed that they were in mortal danger. The apparition began to speak in a Hungarian dialect mixed with Romanian words. Imre was dumbfounded, starting to run. It was no use in Imre running because the apparition found him. Montgomery hid in the bathroom; however, the situation was futile. The apparition found him hiding in the bathroom. Imre and Montgomery turned pale and ashen. As the apparition continued talking, her voice changed from being softly melodious to satanically guttural. Both of them did not know how to take this apparition.

The apparition introduced herself as Belli Allos and stated that she came from a very far place. The apparition stated to Imre and Montgomery that she knew all about them and who they were. Imre stammered, asking the apparition how did she know. the apparition snarled that this matter was none of his concern The apparition ordered Imre and Montgomery to leave the duplex apartment with her. They complied fearfully.

Imre and Montgomery felt that they were traveling across space and time to some surreal place. Suddenly, they were at a place where it was abnormally cold, dark, and desolate. They asked the apparition where were they. The apparition replied that this place has many names, adding that people usually dread this place. Imre again crossed himself but the apparition mockingly declared that would not do him any good where he was now.

Montgomery realized where he was and started weeping. His weeping became louder and more anguished. Imre and Montgomery both realized that they were in Hell and the apparition was actually Belial, one of Satan's minions. Velvet smiled diabolically for she and gotten her revenge.

© 2011 Grace Marguerite Williams


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